May 10 2010

Apartment Living Doesn’t Mean Your Decor Can’t Be Appealing!

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Living in an apartment or small condo does have limitations.  Since you don’t own the property yourself, there are certain things you cannot do.  You can’t change the floors, put nail holes in the walls, or change the kitchen counter top.  Does this mean you must be resigned to live in something that is less than appealing or drab?  Not at all!

Usually, all of the apartments in a specific group look exactly the same.  They all have boring white walls, the same flooring or carpeting, and bare windows or, in a best case scenario, windows with white mini-blinds.  How can you make yours look original and add your individual style?  Here are some tips.

Decorate Your Walls


You may or not be able to paint, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!  Many apartment managers will allow you to paint, since they can easily paint over your color if you move out.  If you can, paint one wall a bold, bright color to add visual impact.  If you cannot paint, hang a very large and intricately patterned tapestry on the wall.  You might also want to consider bold, colorful prints without a frame, or with a simple mat edge.

When decorating walls, be sure to use hangers you can purchase for this purpose.  This way, you don’t have to put holes or nails in the walls, which may not go over well with the management!

Add Some Drama to the Floors


While you can’t rip up the carpet or cut out the linoleum, you can use colorful area rugs.  In the kitchen, consider using brightly colored botanical patterns.  Bright sunflowers, daisies and poppies add a cheerful look and break up the monotony.

In the living area, consider a couple of smaller rugs, or one large area rug strategically placed in front of the sofa.  Consider your color scheme, and choose bold patterns for this room.  Intense stripes and plaids make a great addition, particularly if you have solid colored furniture.

Add Flair to the Windows


You may have to leave the mini-blinds hanging, but you can certainly add a little color!  Hang sheer curtains that coordinate with your other décor, or create drama by draping a boldly colored satin sheet above the window allowing it to cascade down the sides and onto the floor.

The most important things you can do to dramatically change the look of your rooms is to add color, pattern and texture.  Accomplish this with paint, throw rugs, big fluffy throw pillows and other decorating accessories.  Keep several big pillows on hand; they are great for floor seating when several guests are coming to visit!

Keep furniture to a minimum to create a spacious look.  Low profile furnishings without arms help add to the open feeling.  Coffee or end tables should be simple and not too big or bulky.  Add a few creative accents of your own, and you have an apartment that looks and feels like home!  A little imagination can go a long way in creating appealing spaces.

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