Jun 23 2011

Adding A Little Pattern And Texture To Your Home Decor

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Is your living room, kitchen or other room of your house rather bland and boring?  Imagine smooth walls which are white or cream colored, smooth fabrics on furnishings and throw pillows and a general lack of color or pattern – pretty boring, isn’t it? There are endless ways you can add pattern and texture to your rooms, giving them depth and dimension.  While some people like a room that is basically all one color and free of texture, most people desire a little more interest.

If you’re ready for rooms that are inviting and relaxing, here are a few tips to help you create rooms you and your guests will love.

Jazz up the walls

Decades ago, all walls were pretty much the same.  A coat or two of off-white or cream colored paint over sheetrock was the “in” thing to do.  Today, bold colors, pastel colors and texture techniques help you create walls that come to life!

Use wall colors that enhance your decorating theme.  Bold wine, soft amber, rich blue – you can use any color you like, just remember that light colors make the room appear larger.  Among the techniques used to add rich texture to walls you will also find wallpaper made for painting, sponging, rag-rolling and stenciling.


The furniture that is now available to choose from runs the gamut from smooth and sleek to rough and textured.  If you want to put more texture and pattern in your rooms, choose rugged wood furnishings upholstered in plaids, stripes or any pattern you like.  A rough fabric will also add more texture to the room.  Leather furnishings will add elegance and texture.

Wrought iron furnishings add a rustic and old-fashioned appeal.

Accents and accessories

One of the easiest ways to incorporate pattern and texture into any room is through the accessories you use.  Throw pillows may be rough, silky or flat; accent rugs, throws, curtains, table cloths – all of these things have the ability to turn the look of a room around.

Picture frames are another great way to add further texture to your walls; rough hewn or “worn” picture frames add old-time charm and appeal.  The addition of a large tapestry to one wall adds a rich, dramatic texture and a look that warms up the room.

How to lighten up a room with texture

Rough textures tend to absorb light, while satiny fabrics tend to reflect it.  If you desire rooms that look open and airy, smooth fabrics should dominate the scheme.  If you prefer a look that is warm and cozy, rough textures should be dominant.

When it comes to pattern, avoid an over abundance unless the room is large.  In smaller rooms, an occasional splash of pattern in throw pillows or curtains is enough to add interest and vibrancy to the room.

Even the smallest accents can change the look of a room; the smoothness of a candle sitting atop a textured doily is a nice touch for a coffee or end table.

Put these ideas to use in your own home, and you will find that your rooms are anything but boring!

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