Mar 09 2011

A Country Themed House Lets You Relax in Down Home Style

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Are you looking for a relaxed way to decorate your home that offers beauty and appeal, but is comfortable and relaxed at the same time?  Perhaps you are leaning towards an old country theme, but you just haven’t made your mind up about it yet.  We all agree that an old country theme is very welcoming, and it also brings back memories of simpler times.  Instead of spending a great deal of money to decorate, you can make creative use of many things you may already have!

The kitchen – the heart of your home

In a country home, the kitchen has traditionally been the hub of most of the activity.  Instead of things being hidden in cabinets and drawers, regularly used items were left out in the open in an organized fashion.  For example, pots and pans, mason jars with food, and the cooking and eating utensils simply become part of the decor.  Leaving utensils and cookware visible in an organized fashion adds a warm feeling to the home.

Warm colors are responsible for a great deal of the ambient atmosphere you find in a country themed home.  Wooden tables and chairs lend to the country look, and can even be mismatched.  A good way to get a rustic feel is to leave little imperfections in the furniture untouched.  An attractive and appealing way to display dishes would be to use an old china cabinet; these are also great for storage.  Consider painting stencils on your kitchen wall; farm animals and sunflowers add charm.  Sand the stencils lightly after drying to give them a worn look.

Furniture offers a “come inside and relax” appeal

Living room furnishings should be attractive and lend to the country appeal, but you also want furniture that offers that “come in and sit a while” feeling.  Plaid and floral prints in warm shades of burgundy, country blue and cream are perfect for the country theme, but be careful not to overdo it.  Stack a few old suitcases at the end of the sofa for a unique end table that also offers storage!  If you already have a bit of brick or stone on the inside walls of your home, this adds further to the charming old-style appeal.  Don’t worry if you don’t have this; you can accomplish the look with a faux finish.

In the bathroom, nothing says early American architecture quite like a claw foot tub.  If the room is large enough, use an old dresser with an oval or round mirror as your vanity!  If the vanity you currently have looks a bit too modern, cover it with antique looking wood veneer and hang a mirror framed in wood or wrought iron on the wall.  Brass fixtures and floral wallpaper add further to the country appeal – and don’t forget a few candles scented in honeysuckle or vanilla for a scent that helps to bring back fond memories.

Mismatched pieces and unique ideas create beautiful surroundings

Country themed decor is one that requires very little matching; for example, mismatched pieces are charming in the bedroom if used properly.  A nightstand can be made from an old wooden crate – just whitewash it and add a large round silver serving tray on top!  An old wooden trunk placed at the foot of the bed adds charm and serves as storage space as well.  An antique bookshelf (or one you’ve made to look antique-y) is the perfect place to store candles, books and other knick-knacks while adding to the country atmosphere of the room.

Creating a country themed home is easy and affordable for most any budget.  Look around your attic or storage area and put your imagination to work!  You would be amazed at how some items you may now think of as junk can be transformed into treasures.

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