Nov 13 2009

4 Tips for Creating a Child’s Bathroom

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Kid's BathroomMost bathrooms are designed for adults. But if you have a kids’ bathroom in your home, you might have to adjust your focus when it comes to decorating. It’s not that difficult to create a bathroom perfect for a child, particularly if you remember who you are decorating for and address any problems your children may have with your ideas.

Accessibility Is Key
If you are creating a bathroom for your child, it’s important to make sure that your child will actually be able to use the bathroom by himself. There are many different ways by which you can make the room more accessible, especially for those younger children. Simple things like a kid-friendly faucet or cabinet pulls can instantly create a more accessible bathroom for your child. Place a stepstool in the bathroom if your child can’t reach the sink by himself, or consider lowering the height of the counter and sink.

Make the Bathroom Safe
A bathroom can actually be a pretty dangerous place for a child. If you want peace of mind when your child goes to do things by herself in her own bathroom, it’s a good idea to make the room as safe as possible.

  • If there’s a shower, be sure to install non-slip adhesive decals or a mat for your child.
  • Place a cover over the faucet and bathtub spout that will control the temperature of the water and prevent scalding.
  • Don’t place items up high that your child will have to climb to reach.
  • Don’t place toothbrushes and other items above the toilet or sink; put them down lower in a cabinet.

Add Plenty of Storage
A child can accumulate a lot of items in one bathroom. The key to getting your child to keep the bathroom neat is to have plenty of organized storage in the room. As with anywhere, if children have a specific place to put something away, then they will be more likely to do so. Use plastic baskets and bins for larger items and then drawer organizers and bins for smaller ones. A separate bucket for tub toys is also a great idea, so they’re not all over the bathtub.

Sharing Is Possible in a Child’s Bathroom
Don’t worry if more than one child will need to share the bathroom. You can avoid a lot of problems by keeping things organized and labeled. For instance, give each child his or her own basket or bin on its own shelf, which will prevent confusion over whose item is whose. If you have a larger bathroom, you might want to even consider installing a double sink in the room, which will prevent fights when everybody is getting ready. Ask each child for design ideas. This way everyone will feel like they’ve had a say in the bathroom’s décor.

You’ll be surprised how fun it is to design a child’s bathroom, particularly when you get your child involved in the process. This is a great project that you and your child can plan and create together, resulting in a special bathroom specifically designed for your child.

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