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Mar 09 2011

Add a Touch of Asian style to Your Home

Decorating in an Asian style can be intimidating, and many people find it difficult to get the look “just right.”  Most of the time if the finished look doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s because there are too many decorating items in the room.  The Asian theme is a simple one that uses very little to create a bold, dramatic atmosphere.

Natural fabrics, materials and accents are the core of Asian decorating.  Stone, bamboo, plants, and planters or containers that are simple and unassuming work naturally in this decorating theme.

Colors should contrast

When attempting to achieve an Asian style look for your home, it’s best to stay away from using different shades of the same color.  Colors should sharply contrast one another, so that each stands on its own.  Think black, white, red, gold, silver and dark green.  Of course you don’t want to use all of these colors at once, but red, black and gold make for a beautiful room with lots of depth and dimension.

Classic or modern?

When choosing the furniture for your Asian-themed room, rattan and wicker are traditional in Asian decor.  If you desire a look that is a bit more modern, consider dark or even black-lacquered wood accent tables and mahogany or black leather furnishings.  Wicker and rattan furniture looks vibrant and alive when topped with plump cushions or throw pillows.

If you feel that dark lacquered furniture makes the room look a bit too dark or gloomy, liven things up by using brightly colored throw pillows, accent rugs and wall hangings.  With darker furnishings, you want to keep the walls a light color as well.

When arranging your furniture, it’s important to keep wide open spaces with Asian style decor.  This style is known for sparse accents, each demanding attention on its own.  Avoid clutter or an over-abundance of knick-knacks, as this takes away from the elegant beauty of the room.

Add texture and interest

While you want to keep accent rugs, cushions and throw pillows on the simple side, be sure to include plenty of texture.  A red and gold pillow makes a stunning accent when placed on a rattan sofa; consider natural materials such as bamboo for rugs and window coverings.

A dramatic water fountain is a great idea for the focal point of a room; for the walls, consider large gold-framed pictures of cherry blossoms or even samurai swords.  Remember to keep wall decor to a minimum – a single large print on one wall is plenty when the picture contains bold, vibrant color.

Plants are essential for pulling the look together.  Consider a bonsai tree or any plant that has large, plush leaves placed in stone or bamboo containers.  Add an Asian themed room divider, a few randomly placed Asian figurines inside glass domes, and you’ve achieved the look you desire!

Remember, if something just seems out of place or doesn’t sit right, look around and see what you can take out of the room.  With Asian style decor simple, uncluttered and natural elements make the look.

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Mar 08 2011

Give Your Kitchen Old-Time Diner Appeal

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Decorating your kitchen in a retro diner theme is perfect for those who love the old-time appeal of diners from the 50’s and 60’s.  If you’re tired of the way your kitchen looks and want to do something dramatic, this is your chance!  Friends and family will love gathering in your retro-style kitchen to visit, play cards and enjoy a milkshake, just like the good old days.

Decide on a color scheme first

Before just jumping into everything, first choose the color scheme you want to use in the kitchen.  Consider using colors like red, turquoise, and pink; bright flamboyant colors are perfect for this retro look.  Of course, black and white work as great accents for any of these choices.  Many times you will see an old fashioned diner use red and white checkered table cloths and decorations.  No matter what colors you choose, make sure there is plenty of chrome!  Shiny accents further enhance the appeal of a retro kitchen.

Prepare to paint

Before you begin painting walls or cabinetry, take the time to tape off trim, door frames, window sills and other areas you aren’t going to paint.  Tarps are great for protecting countertops, cabinets and floors from paint splatters, so that you don’t spend more time cleaning up and touching up than necessary.

When you have chosen the primary color for your kitchen, paint at least one wall to infuse the room with bright color.  If your cabinets are currently stained or painted, sand them to remove most of the surface paint or finish.  You can then re-paint them any color of your choosing – and don’t forget the hardware!  This is the perfect time to include a little of that chrome we were talking about earlier.  Buy spray paint in a chrome finish, and give your drawer pulls, cabinet door knobs and other small accessories that retro “shine!”  If you painted one wall red or turquoise, you may want to consider painting your cabinets black or white to contrast.

Give the floor “retro” appeal with black and white

Ceramic tiles are perfect for a retro themed kitchen, but if it’s easier on your budget vinyl will work as well.  Black and white tiles fit right in with the theme; they add further depth and interest to the room.  You can also use black and red if you really want the room to pop, but make sure that the bold color won’t wear out its welcome too soon.  Before you purchase your flooring, make sure to measure the room so that you don’t end up with too many tiles (costly) or too little flooring to cover the area.

Rev up the retro with accessories

Now that you have the biggest part of the work completed, it’s time for those accessories that really help bring out that retro diner appeal.  Anything that is shiny or chrome will work; the dining room table should have chrome accents, and vinyl upholstery really contributes to the vintage look.  A large neon clock or flashing sign will bring to mind the old diners of the 50’s and 60’s.  Flea markets, online auctions and vintage shops are the perfect places to find these accessories, usually at a great price!

You can be sure that when you transform your traditional kitchen in to a “retro diner” it will bring a bit of nostalgia and old-time enjoyment to the room.  Everyone who enters your home will be envious of a kitchen that is warm, welcoming and totally unique!

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Mar 02 2011

Exotic Decorating – Reveal Your Wild Side!

Do you or someone you know have an outgoing or exuberant personality?  Are either of you looking for a way to express yourself through decorating?  Animal prints and bold colors or animal prints and neutral colors are a great way to attract attention and make a room come alive.  Using blacks, whites, and reds together is a wonderful way to show expression, but if you are looking for more neutral colors, try a subtle animal print.  Whichever you use, you can be sure your rooms will attract the attention of all who enter.

Don’t be afraid of red!

When it comes to decorating with exotic appeal, you want to be able to make the room look vibrant and attractive without overdoing it.  For the ultimate impact, paint your bedroom walls red.  If you don’t want to use red for the whole room, try painting the wall behind your bed red, leaving the remaining walls white or cream.  Use animal print wallpaper as a border or to cover a single wall or a portion of the wall.  This is a great way to add splashes of excitement to the room.

Choose basic furniture that doesn’t compete

A great way to add to the room is to choose furniture that complements the red tones and animal print, but doesn’t compete with them.  A good way to balance the color scheme is to choose dark chocolate or white furnishings that are solidly colored.

When it comes to the bed, a black wrought iron bed adds elegance and doesn’t compete. This type of bed is perfect when accessorized with black lacquered furniture such as a dresser or night stand.  Brass or silver finished metal headboards also work well in the exotic theme.

Animal print bedding really adds to the “wow” factor!  Black or red sheets are the perfect complement to zebra prints, and cow or leopard prints.  A giraffe theme works well with cream colored bedding; consider a giraffe or zebra print rug placed at the side or foot of the bed for added impact.

Window treatments

Use window treatments that complement the room nicely.  For neutral colored walls, consider curtains with an exotic design.  If you decide to go with bold walls, mesh curtains blend with the other elements of the room, creating a flirty, soft effect.

Wall decor is where your creativity really comes into play.  Consider animal prints framed in bold shades of red or black for walls that really pop!  On a large wall, choose an over-sized print that dominates the wall.  In the bedroom, two to three smaller prints will make a blank wall come to life.

The small details are what often “make” a room.  Consider lamps with tassels, lampshades designed in a zebra or leopard print, and bold ceramic bases.  Candles can be found in bold red and black, and you can also find them available in exotic styles.  If you choose to use red and black as your base colors, brass accents add a gleam that brightens the room.

You’re no wallflower, so make sure your home represents who you are!  By using animal prints paired with bold colors or neutral colors, you can make a statement about who you are – and the look is refreshing as well as beautiful.

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Nov 15 2010

Interior Brick Walls Provide a Beautiful and Unique Look for Your Home

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Why would anyone want a brick wall inside their home?  There are many things you can do to create a look that is warm and appealing, and brick walls are one of them.  Consider that brick walls won’t tear or get holes in them as sheet rock can.  Imagine how durable they are.  Decorating is easy, and your home will have a unique, beautiful look that all of your friends will envy.

Create any look from modern to rustic

Not only is brick sturdy and durable, it’s also fire proof, which is why many people like to use it on the interior of their homes.  Left their natural colors, bricks in brown and red shades add a rustic touch to the decor.  For those who like a more modern, contemporary appeal, bricks can be painted any color you like – and you can even create patterns to add further interest.

Painting interior brick surfaces

If you want to paint old brick that has been in your home for years, you can get an entirely new and different look.  Simply brush off the bricks with a stiff-bristled brush to remove dirt and dust and then apply a primer.  The best paints to use on bricks are latex and cement-based paints.  Avoid using epoxy, rubber and oil-based paints which can give off vapors for some time.

For a truly original look, create designs as you paint.  For example, you may want to paint rectangles, squares or pyramid shapes as you go, simply by using a different color paint that blends with the rest of your decor.

Tile a portion of your brick wall for an original look

You can actually use stone or mosaic tiles to spruce up plain brick walls!  Apply them around the ceiling as you would a wallpaper border for a distinctive look or tile the brick wall beginning halfway up and continue to the ceiling.  This helps break up the solid appearance of the wall and add further interest.  If you have a fireplace that is surrounded by brick, consider adding a wood mantle above the fireplace as a focal point.  The mantle is a great place for displaying family photos, greenery and scrumptiously scented candles!

Hanging wall decorations on brick walls

Many people do not have brick walls in their homes simply because they assumed they would not be able to hang pictures and other wall art.  With brick, you simply use concrete screws and lead anchors to hold shelves or other wall decor that may be heavy, such as large paintings.  You can also find picture hangers that are designed for use in concrete and brick.

Brick walls can add a cozy, old-world charm to the room or a colorful abstract look for those who prefer a more modern appeal.  Considering they last forever and don’t have to be painted every few years like sheet rock walls, brick walls offer many beautiful benefits to the inside of your home, as well as the outside!  For a uniquely different approach to interior décor, give brick walls a chance – you’ll be surprised at just how exquisite it looks.

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Nov 12 2010

Using Glass Tiles to Update the Look of Your Home

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Today’s economic conditions make it nearly impossible for many homeowners to remodel or redecorate their homes.  Updating a kitchen can cost an enormous amount of money, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with innovative ideas for remodeling your bath.  If you haven’t heard about glass tile, be prepared to be amazed at the transformation it can make in your home – and it WON’T cost you a fortune.

Characteristics of glass tile

If you’ve never heard of or seen glass tile, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  Glass tiles are molded with designs encased inside the glass, unlike ceramic tile that is designed and painted on the outer surface.  Glass tiles have patterns that are created underneath the glass and the wide assortment of colors, textures, shapes and styles make them an elegant addition to any room in your home.  The best thing about them, besides the unique appeal they add to your home?  Just a few can transform the look of a room.

Kitchen and bath ideas

In the kitchen, the use of glass tile is nearly limitless.  Create a new backsplash behind the kitchen sink, or cover your entire countertop for a look that is chic and trendy.  The bath is another area that can be freshened up using this simple technique.  Place a row or two of glass tiles around a vanity mirror, or create wall “art” by installing a 2 foot by 3 foot area of glass tiles.  Since they come in so many colors, unique shapes and textures, you can create a look that completely reflects your individuality.

Fusion blends

While glass tiles are a relatively new idea in decorating, the most popular styles homeowners choose today are fusion blends.  This is simply a mix of stone, glass, marble and metal.  All of these elements blend together in a single tile, creating a look that is sophisticated yet natural.  The light-reflecting qualities of glass tiles are what make them so unusual and exquisite.

Imagine the entire wall area between your counter tops and cabinets filled with the elegant, sleek look of glass tile.  By blending several different styles and colors, you can create any effect you like, from warm and earthy to bright and jazzy.  No matter what type of home decor you prefer, glass tiles can make any room sparkle and attract the gaze of all who enter your home.

Environmentally friendly

Glass tiles are environmentally friendly as well, because glass is made from sand.  Many people are concerned about the environment today, so this is an easy way to add beauty and sophistication to your home without harming your surroundings.  These tiles also extremely versatile and you can have them designed in custom shapes to accommodate any special ideas you may have.

If you’re looking for a way to update the look of your home but don’t have the budget to implement an entire remodeling project, consider glass tiles.  Once you experience the depth, beauty and sparkle they offer to your rooms, ceramic tile will always come in second.

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Oct 20 2010

Creating Farmhouse Style Appeal – Even in the City!

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There is nothing quite as warm and welcoming as an old farmhouse.  This style of decorating practically begs friends and families to come in, put their feet up, and stay a while.  If you are tired of a home that looks too perfect or lacks personality and warmth, the cozy appeal of farmhouse decorating is something you may want to consider, whether you live in the country or the city.

The wonderful thing about farmhouse decorating is that accessories and accents don’t have to cost a fortune, and an eclectic mix of those things you love is perfect.  The older or more worn your furnishings and accents look, the better!  See a new scratch on the sofa table?  No big deal, it just enhances the look.

Lots of wood and natural fabrics set the mood

In decorating for a farmhouse appeal, wood floors covered with accent rugs are the norm.  Don’t worry about nicks or scrapes in the wood – this is all part of what makes the style so charming!  Your home will look lived in, and guests feel completely comfortable because they aren’t afraid to touch anything.

Sofas are often covered in natural woven fabrics such as cotton, in solid patterns, florals and even plaids.

Colors are rich

Gray-blue, wine shades, green and gold are a few of the colors often found in farmhouse decorating.  These colors are rich in pigment, and are anything but boring.  Today, you can paint not only your walls, but furnishings as well!  If the tables you currently have look too new or modern for the style you are trying to achieve, simply paint them, sand lightly in areas where they would naturally show wear and viola.  Scratches and dings are things you normally don’t want in other styles of decor, but are welcome in this decorating theme.

Accessories can be had for a song

Finding accessories for you farmhouse style home is easy – and affordable.  Shop thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets to find that old “junk” that someone else no longer wants.  Wooden signs, mismatched wooden chairs for the kitchen table, tin buckets and other country-style textiles can often be found for nearly nothing.

Country window coverings, quilts, handcrafted antiques and primitive decor add charm and a certain, cozy warmth to the atmosphere, making your home the one everyone loves to visit.  Scent the room with hand-made candles in delicious scents such as baked apple pie, cinnamon and pumpkin.

With many decorating styles, you want to avoid too many accessories; quite the opposite is true when it comes to the farmhouse theme!  Use all of those knick knacks you love so much – it only adds to the appeal.

The farmhouse style of decorating often brings back memories of those times a century ago, when life moved at a somewhat slower pace and was meant to be enjoyed; when family mattered, and all gathered around the dinner table to re-hash the day.  Your home can be cozy, warm and oh-so charming when you incorporate a farmhouse theme!

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Oct 20 2010

Decorating a Kitchen in Charming Country French Style

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Whether you prefer a rugged or natural look, country French style is the perfect décor if your desire is a charming kitchen that welcomes all who enter.  The kitchen is typically the most used room in your home, where family enjoys home-cooked meals and discusses the events of the day.  Guests often congregate in the kitchen as well, gathering around the table to enjoy coffee, tea and desserts while visiting.  Below, you will find some great tips and ideas for creating a charming kitchen that is beautiful and welcoming.

Country French decorating is often a blend of country elements and those taken from nature.  Imagine a French manor offering grace and quaint details, tucked away in the rolling hills of the country where wildflowers dominate the landscape.  Sounds charming, doesn’t it?

A distressed or antique look suits this style perfectly


With country French décor, a worn look adds further to the charm and appeal.  Consider distressed cabinets adorned with knobs and intricate carvings.  The dining room table may be made of rough-hewn or distressed wood, and flanked by mismatched chairs.  Upholstered seat cushions for the chairs and bar stools add further to the appeal.

Bare, wide-planked wood floors that are buffed to a natural finish and not overly-polished are the perfect touch.  If you prefer ceramic tiles, consider shades of cream, mauve and brown shades to carry through the natural color theme.

Accessories don’t have to be costly


In decorating with a country French flair, you will find that accessories are easy to find.  Use those items that are hand-crafted, or a few of those rustic finds that are often located at a flea market.  Distressed and worn looking accents are the perfect touch, and add even further to the country style charm.  Antiques that are well worn and depict animal or natural scenes are a nice touch as well.  Today, many people who prefer this style of decorating include country or French design roosters and chickens in their décor.

Paintings and decorative plates that carry through with the natural or animal-themes are great in this style of decorating as well.  Curtains can be anything from lace to drapes that have a distressed look, depending on whether you prefer a rustic appeal or a fancier design.  The perfect accent for this type of kitchen is a large antique vase filled with wildflowers straight from nature.

The key to creating a fabulous country French style kitchen is using those items you truly love.  While you may be tempted to purchase accents or accessories that match perfectly, this is not the best direction to take.  By including those items that truly reflect your own personal style and taste; you will create a kitchen atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, while being a bit elegant and rustic at the same time.

Look through magazines and search online to get many fabulous ideas for creating a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is charming!  Reflect your own personality and this will be a room you truly enjoy.

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May 07 2010

Simple Tips for Updating the Look of Your Home Decor

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By any chance, could your home use an update? Whether the look is tired or your home is just older, you can create a home with a remodeled look for very little money. If your home is your castle, then it needs to be welcoming, comfortable, and appealing. If you’re on a budget but still want to give the interior of your home a much-needed facelift, here are some super easy tips to get you started.

Painting: The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Transform a Room
Not everyone enjoys painting, but it can go a long way to creating beauty in a room. Paint can liven things up a bit, especially walls that are the average off-white or some other drab color. Pick a bold or bright color that blends with the overall color scheme and use it on a wall or two, as this will really jazz things up! Try painting those furniture pieces that look old and worn. You’ll be amazed at the transformation of those old coffee tables or end tables when you use a little paint and some stencils.

Take a Good Look at Your Furniture
Is your furniture starting to look old? Perhaps you are tired of things being so congested or just sick of the overall style. Give your room a long, hard look. Is it possible to take out a couple of pieces that are never used? This will open things up, giving the room a more open and airy feeling.

If you cannot afford new furniture, use slipcovers instead. These days, you can find a variety of styles that allow you to create entirely new-looking furniture at a much lower cost than buying new. Repurposing the furniture is another option. Look around and see if you have a piece or two in other rooms that are never used. They can be painted and used as storage for games, toys, and all those other things that you often find strewn all over your home.

Add Color, and You Add Life
The use of color is so instrumental in giving the interior of your home new life. Not only does color attract the eye, but it has the ability to create different moods. Soft colors relax things, while bright colors energize. Adding exciting color splashes can really spice up a monotonous color scheme. Throw in some brightly colored and intricately patterned rugs and pillows, and add some attention-grabbing accents to the walls. You won’t believe how your room is transformed when splashes of color are used to break up the boredom.

Accessories Make the Difference
As every woman knows, accessories are the “jewelry” of the home. However, it’s important to know how to use them. Too many accessories results in a home that looks cluttered and disorganized. But with too few accessories, you’ll give it a cold, blank, and indifferent tone. Thus, it’s important to find a balance.

The addition of more accents often gives larger rooms a more personal, intimate look. One strategy is to place many accents in a grouping on one large wall. For smaller, you want to follow the opposite rule of thumb. In this case, use an intricately patterned tapestry or other oversized decoration piece on one wall.

If you want to totally transform the look of your rooms, put these tips to work. As an added bonus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to create a great space.

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Dec 07 2009

4 Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room

Large Living RoomIf you have a large living room in your house, sometimes it can be challenging to properly decorate that massive space. Large spaces present their own decorating troubles, just as small spaces do. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re having trouble decorating your large living room.

Use Dark Colors to Decorate
Typically, using dark colors when decorating makes a space appear smaller. You can get the room to appear smaller by simply painting the walls a few shades darker than you normally would.

If you’re not looking for the entire room to appear smaller, you can give it less of a large feeling by using darker colors to accessorize. By using dark-colored furniture or even carpet in your large living room, you’ll make the room feel slightly smaller and not so big and open.

Use the Space in the Living Room Accordingly
Depending on how large your living room is, you’re going to want to plan out the space accordingly. Among other things, this means that all the seating shouldn’t be right on top of each other.

The furniture should be spaced out so that it looks evenly distributed across the room. There should also be an adequate amount of space left between the couch and the coffee table so that people are able to walk in between the two. With the proper utilization of space, you can prevent a large room from looking too cold and open, instead making it feel more comfortable and quaint.

Use Large Pieces of Art to Decorate the Walls
Before you choose a piece of art for your wall, you need to consider the area of blank space you are working with. For instance, you don’t want to hang a 5×7 picture on a very large blank wall. Rather, hang a portrait or some other piece that will take up most of the upper half of the wall. If a larger piece of art is out of your price range, you might try making a pattern or collage on the wall with several pieces of smaller artwork. Remember, though, that the artwork needs to be spaced out so that it covers the majority of the wall.

Buy a Large Piece of Furniture
If you don’t already have one, you may want to consider purchasing a large piece of furniture for your living room. You might look for an entertainment center a bookcase, a large couch, or even something like a piano or pool table.

By placing a large furnishing in the room, the large room will appear smaller and everything will seem more in proportion. You can also use this oversized furnishing as a focal point and decorate the rest of the room around it.

When it comes to decorating a large living room, you need to focus on properly utilizing the space in the room. By only using a small area of the room, the room will then look massive and not very appealing. Instead, if you use the space, including the walls, as much as possible, your large living room will be very appealing, with perhaps even a quaint and comfortable feel to it.

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