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Jun 04 2011

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Various Tastes

Your living room is the place where your family enjoys relaxing and you entertain guests.  While not everyone’s taste is the same, you want the style you choose to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible.  The tips and ideas below will help you design a living room that meets your decorating tastes and also provides a place for the family to relax and unwind after a hard day.

This article offers ideas for decorating in romantic, modern, ethnic and country themes.

Tips for decorating a romantic living room

A romantic living room is often desired by those couples who have no children, and enjoy relaxing together while they watch television or listen to music.

Victorian furnishings, low lighting and floral arrangements are perfect when incorporated in to romantic living room decor.  Dark ruby or amber colored glass bottles filled with flowers add to the ambiance.  An old wooden trunk makes a great coffee table.

Consider painting a single wall with the romantic shade of deep red; fabrics may also contain a splash of red or pink, but be careful not to overdo it.  A solid cream colored sofa topped with throw pillows infused with red or pink is appealing.  You want your living room to look romantic, but not too feminine.

The modern living room – clean and basic

Modern decorating is for those who like a simple, easy to maintain look without clutter.  Furnishing with clean, simple lines works best in this style of decorating.

As far as color goes, avoid bright or flashy colors.  Cream, beige, muted golds, white, black and shades of brown work well in modern decorating.  Add small splashes of color in throw pillows and wall hangings.

Glass and metal are also often used in the modern theme; a black coffee table topped with glass is attractive.  Avoid placing too many little decorative items on table tops.  Large, tall vases placed in the floor add to the modern appeal.

Ethnic decorating involves texture

If you wish to use ethnic decorating in your living room, consider using lots of color and culture.  Incorporate a variety of fabrics throughout the room, making sure that colors blend or complement each other.

Embroidered throw pillows, glass vases filled with beads and potpourri, and candle groupings add interest and depth to the room.

Richly patterned curtains add to the ethnic appeal; consider braided rugs for the floor as well as a large tapestry for a single wall.

The country living room is all about wood

A country themed living room is all about wood and warm colors.  Country blue, butter yellow, rusty reds and browns create an atmosphere that is welcoming and totally comfortable.

Furnishings are often constructed of wood, and usually bulky or over-sized.  Pine, oak and other natural finishes that look worn are perfect in the country themed living room.

Cracked pitchers, old quilts, roosters, pictures depicting old farms and wildflower arrangements are perfectly at home here.

Everyone has their own unique ideas when it comes to decorating their living room.  The tips above are just generalizations and guidelines; use those things that you love and that make your living room a reflection of your own personal tastes.

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May 31 2011

Tips & Ideas For Decorating a Small Living Area

Decorating a small living area can be a challenge; you want the room to look as spacious as possible.  You also want plenty of walking space for your family and guests.  It is possible to make your living room look twice the size it actually is; the tips and ideas below will help you design an appealing living area that looks open and airy.

Consider your decor theme

Modern or contemporary furnishings and accents offer straight clean lines with minimal ornamentation; this can also make a room look larger, as such furnishings are often built on a smaller scale.

A country or western theme may not be ideal, as these styles of decorating tend to use larger, bulky furnishings and lots of accents.

Choosing a color palette

The colors you use in your living area make a huge difference in its appearance.  Light colors make a room appear larger, because they reflect light.  Darker colors tend to make a room look smaller, as they absorb the light.

You do not have to stick to white or neutral colors to make the room look larger; a palette consisting of pale tones such as light blue and light gray will enhance the spacious appearance as well.  Look for hues of peach, green, blue or beige all of which are on the lighter side.

Less is more

When it comes to your furniture, measure the room before you buy.  You want to make sure your sofa will fit on a certain wall, and that chairs or recliners will not block the walking path.  You may even consider a love seat in lieu of a sofa, since it is much shorter in length.

A coffee table placed in front of the love seat, along with a single side table placed next to a chair is usually all you need to bring the look together.

Brighten up the walls

The accents you choose to hang on your walls can make a room look much larger.  Consider a grouping of odd-shaped mirrors for a single wall; you can even hang silver serving platters of various shapes.  Anything reflective will add more light to the room.

Use light colored curtains or sheers to dress up the windows.  Dark drapes look heavy, and prevent natural light from streaming into the room.  Light colored sheers let plenty of light in, and look airy.

Avoid clutter

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when trying to make a small living area look more spacious is to avoid clutter.  Too many accessories look messy; bring out only a few bright accents that you really love.

A large, brightly colored ceramic vase filled with wildflowers and placed in the corner of the room adds a punch of color.  Avoid cluttering the tops of tables with books, magazines, candles and other items.  A grouping of pillar candles placed in the center of the coffee table is all you need to dress up the room.

Put these tips and ideas to work when decorating your small living area.  Once the project is completed, you will find your living room looks twice the size it did before!

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May 15 2011

Decorating Your Living Room in Eclectic Style

Many people believe decorating in an eclectic manner makes your home look mixed up, confusing or or simply uncoordinated.  When done correctly, the eclectic theme can be the most appealing and beautiful ever, allowing you to incorporate all of the items you love in to a single room with outstanding results.

Balancing color is essential

The one aspect of creating an eclectic theme that can make or break the look is color.  Since your furnishings and accents may come from a variety of styles and eras, it is essential that the colors you choose coordinate well.

Whether you choose warm colors such as muted reds and golden yellows or cool colors such as royal blue or silver, use them throughout the walls, throw pillows, accent rugs and other accessories to pull the look together.

Create a special spot for each theme

You may collect glass ships, teapots or hunting statues.  Whatever it is, create a special spot for them.  For example, place all of your glass ships in one corner of the room, perhaps displayed on bookshelves or in a glass-front curio cabinet.

If you collect replicas of musical instruments, hang them all on one single wall for the most dramatic effect.

Integrate furnishings in various styles

You may have a sofa that is totally sleek and modern and an antique wooden rocker.  These items can blend perfectly together as long as you remember that balance is essential.  You don’t want to overpower the room with contemporary furnishings and include only one piece from a different style; mix it up so that each style is represented equally.


When it comes to accessories, try to balance size out here as well.  Use a few large accents such as an over-sized ceramic vase filled with greenery or a wrought iron plant stand capable of holding several plants; then, use smaller accents for table tops and shelves.

You want to avoid using too many small accents, as this will make any room look cluttered and unorganized.  Use a few carefully selected accents that hold a special meaning for you – this also helps display your own personal style preference.

If your floors are wood and you feel that they tend more toward a rustic or country look, change the feel of the room by adding modern or contemporary rugs designed with abstract or geometric designs.  The texture and bold colors can take away a bit of the country atmosphere, helping to further balance out the room.

Whether you incorporate French country chic with western flavor or modern and sleek with Asian decor, you can create a room that looks amazing and will capture the attention of all who enter.

Put these ideas to use in your home, and add a few of your own to design a living room that is unique, comfortable and beautiful.  Putting your imagination to use can results in rooms that stand apart from the rest, and make your home the most envied in the neighborhood!

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May 14 2011

Country Western Decorating – A Warm, Rich Look for Any Living Room

You may think that country and western decor are two separate decorating themes, but think about how one complements the other.  On a farm, which is usually considered country, you often find horses and cowboys – which are western!  The two go together perfectly; below, you will find some great ideas for creating the country western theme in your own living room.

Warm, rich colors set the mood

In country or western themes, you often find warm colors that are inviting and relaxing.  The atmosphere is one that encourages family members and guests alike to come in and “stay for awhile”.  Warm red tones, golden yellow, cream shades, dark browns, country blue and pumpkin orange all combine to create a look that is colorful yet soothing.

Large area rugs incorporating one basic color such as sand that are then edged in stripes or squares of rust, pumpkin, country blue and gold dress up the floors and create a great central focal point for the room.

Lots of wood Adds to the Rustic Appeal

In the country western style of decorating, the feeling is often rustic; rough, rich wood is displayed throughout the room.  Consider natural oak or pine floors that gleam in the sunlight; accent tables with a rough or worn look contribute to the relaxed look.

Walls may be wood as well, or they may be painted a soft cream color.  Tongue-in-groove strips are easy to install on the walls, and offer a beautiful background for country or western themed wall accents.

Furniture:  Bulky and over-sized

With country and western decorating, you want to avoid furniture that is scaled small or that is sleek, as you usually find that in contemporary decorating.  Bulky leather furniture or bold plaid patterns combined with rugged wooden arms and legs are the best choice for this style of decorating.


For the walls, choose whatever suits your own personal style preferences.  In country western decor, some people enjoy tools and rugged outdoor accents such as old saws, wagon wheels and other items.  You may prefer another theme, such as sunflowers, roosters, cows or whatever you find most pleasing to the eye.  Using rope to hang large pictures or other accents adds a touch of originality to the room.

Old quilts are perfect for this style of decorating; use them as throws for the sofa, or even hang a large quilt on one wall for added color.  If you have a fireplace, consider decorating the mantle with family photos framed in rugged wood.  Black and white photos add further to the old-time charm.

Old tin cans and cracked pitchers are perfect for wildflower arrangements.  Consider statues of horses, cowboy prints, farm scenery or other accessories you like to complete the look.

When it comes to country and western decorating, nearly anything goes.  Surround yourself in beautiful warm colors, rich wood and touches of the old-fashioned; your home will be relaxed, inviting and comfortable to everyone who enters!  There really is nothing to compare to that “home on the range” feeling.

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May 13 2011

Decorating Your Living Room With a Spanish Flair

Spanish decorating is perfect for those rooms where you family relaxes, and where guests congregate to visit and enjoy each other’s company.  The style is warm, bold and relaxing; if you can picture your living or family room with a touch of old world elegance, let the ideas below go to work for you in your home.

Colors are bold; contrast adds interest

In the Spanish style of decorating, bold colors paired with stark white or cream are the norm.  Warm and cool colors alike blend in to one; bright pink, ocher, bold red, terracotta and ocean blue make for interesting and unusual patterns and designs.

While accents and furnishing may be colored boldly, walls stand out.  Created with plaster or stucco, the white of the walls make other elements of the room more pronounced.

Lots of wood creates a warm, inviting atmosphere

Both distressed and fine hardwoods are often used in the Spanish style of decorating; by combining rustic pieces with finer furnishings, the look is sophisticated yet comfortable.  Wood floors add to the depth and warm feeling of the room and you can add color with scattered area rugs decorated in bold, bright patterns.

If you have a fireplace in your family room, consider adding a rustic or antique-looking mantel.  This adds beauty to the area around the fire, as well as a place to display some of your favorite accents or family photos.

Metals are a Necessary Component of Spanish Style Decorating

Metals such as wrought iron, silver and copper are a necessity when decorating in a Spanish theme; family photos are displayed in silver frames, tables are designed using wrought iron bases and topped with glass or wood.  Hammered copper panels add a distinctive touch to a hutch or entertainment center.

When incorporating metal be careful not to go overboard.  Try to create a balanced blend of wood, tile, Spanish themed fabrics and metals.

Terracotta and Mosaic Tiles – a Staple in Spanish Decorating

It’s hard to imagine any room decorated in a Spanish theme that doesn’t have tiles!  Terracotta tiles add further to the warmth of the room; consider designing an area of the floor in front of the fireplace with mosaic tiles.

Hand painted tiles give your home a personal touch.  Consider hand-painting a few tiles to place on table tops and shelves.

Warm up a stark white wall with a Spanish style tapestry.  Tapestries have a rich, textured appeal that gives any room an elegant look and feel.  If you use a large tapestry, it is the only accent you will need for that particular wall; you don’t want the walls to look cluttered or disorganized.

Decorating your living room in a Spanish theme isn’t difficult.  Just remember to include natural elements such as copper, wood, tiles and iron; keep colors bold, and find textiles such as rugs, pillows and throws that offer a Spanish flair.  Your home will be the most beautiful in the neighborhood!

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Apr 19 2011

Add Cozy Appeal with a Southwestern Decorating Theme

Are you getting bored with your current living room decor?  If you’re ready to warm and spice things up a bit, the southwestern theme may be what you’re looking for.  This style of decorating offers plenty of color and gives a warm, welcoming feeling to the room.  The look is relaxed and cozy; bold splashes of color keep the atmosphere alive!

Colors set the mood

Designing a living room with this theme can be lots of fun and you will have many options to choose from when it comes to decor and the color selection.  Before you begin randomly decorating the room, consider what colors you are going to use.  A southwestern theme often includes colors found in a southwestern sunset; the shades of the desert reflected throughout the room in hardwood floors, colorful pottery, and wrought iron lighting.

Wood floors add to the appeal

When deciding on the flooring for your living room, choose a wood floor if it’s within your budget.  Warm hardwoods, distressed pine and wide planks add to the rustic appeal of southwestern decor.  For added sophistication, add wood floors with a red undertone.

Walls speak volumes – liven them up!

When painting the walls, choose colors in shades of yellow, red, orange, or gold in honor of the southwestern sunset.  A unique idea you may want to consider is painting horizontal sections of a single wall using the colors of the sunset.  If you prefer a warmer feeling, think tan and neutral colors such as light brown; furnishings can then be the primary source of color for the room.

Rustic metal wall art, wooden wagon wheels and wrought iron candle holders are the perfect accents for the walls.  Avoid cluttering walls with many smaller accessories; two or three larger accents hung on opposite walls add interest without making the room look busy.

Furnishings for southwestern flair

When arranging the furniture, consider placing larger pieces near a focal point such as a fireplace.  This adds a cozy and intimate appeal to the room.  Darkly colored leather is perfect in a southwestern theme; boldly patterned fabrics that carry through with the sunset tones will work as well.

Rugs in muted earth tones are the perfect addition to the floors; they add warmth and texture.  Look for rugs in bold stripes or abstract patterns to pull the look together.

Copper and turquoise accessories are perfect for the home decorated with a southwestern flair; accents of studded leather and carved wood are often found in this style of decorating.  Accent lamps may be made with fabric shades studded around the edges; a wrought iron base adds the perfect final touch.

Throw pillows containing a Native American design add a bold splash of color to a dark leather couch.  The trick to successfully decorating your living room in a southwestern theme is to play on the elements of nature.  Think wood, stone, leather and iron, incorporated with the beautiful warm shades found in a southwestern sunset.

Throw in a few of your own ideas, and use those accents that have a personal meaning to you.  You will have a living room that not only looks beautiful and inviting, it will actually feel like home sweet home.

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Apr 11 2011

Decorating Your Living Room in White

A room decorated in white can be described as clean, pristine, open, airy, spacious and light.  If you love a room that is bright and fresh, or have a living room that currently looks somewhat dungeon-like due to the darkness, the tips found in this article will help you create a room that comes to life with open spaces!

It’s hard to imagine a room that is almost totally white; you may think it would have a clinical look and feel, but if done right this can be the most beautiful room you have ever laid eyes upon!

Of course the basis of the room is white

To open up any room and make it look twice as big, use whites for the walls, sofa and chairs.  They can be an antique white or cream shade, or a genuine white.  If your furnishings are dark colored or patterned with bold prints, the slip covers you find today are beautiful and well-fitted.  Cover your furniture with white!

Walls should be white or antique white as well.  While this may sound a bit stark and basic, color will come in to play with furnishings and accessories.  White offers a look that is comforting and open; instead of family photos or loud prints for the walls, consider large round, square and oval shaped mirrors to reflect the light and open up the room even further.

Accent tables are worn with an antique finish

Accent tables set the mood for the room; well-worn pieces in shades of ivory add a relaxed look to the room.  Consider an old dresser topped by an ivory framed mirror and a wall shelf that is light brown and sanded for shade variation and then topped with greenery in pastel colored ceramic containers.

A coffee table made from an old door and stenciled with a delicate floral pattern is a great eye-catcher, and showcases your artistic talent.

Country blue is also a great addition to white surroundings; a fireplace mantel or sofa table in this country-themed shade adds a punch of color that is relaxing and comfortable.

Wood floors add to the old-fashioned charm

Nothing says “comfortable” and old-fashioned better than wide plank wood floors!  Light, natural tones work best with the white theme; top your wood floor with a large accent rug placed under the edges of the furniture, so that the rug is in the middle of the conversation area.

A rug consisting of natural tones such as cream, wheat and a thin stripe of chocolate brown adds interest, texture and appeal to the floor.  To light up the room, an old-fashioned chandelier is the perfect touch.

Think white is basic and without personality?  Think again!  The look is airy, elegant and old-fashioned all at once.  If you have a room that could use a little “opening up,” consider white!  By adding those antique accessories you love along with a few other well-chosen accents, you will create a room that is comfortable, inviting, charming and oh-so beautiful.

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Nov 18 2010

Tips for Giving Your Home Ultra Modern Appeal

Are you tired of the way your house looks and feel ready for a noticeable change?  Maybe you aren’t sure how to change it up, or perhaps you have your heart set on giving it an ultra modern look.  Either way, it is not hard at all to change the look of your home.  If you want an ultra modern look, there are many ways to achieve this.  Below are some guidelines that will help in creating the look you want, ensuring a great outcome.

A little paint and high-drama color

High gloss paint and bright or bold colors make a room come to life!  Modern walls pop with vibrant colors, but ultra modern color schemes are often focused on black, white or gray shades.  If you are very adventurous, go for a black wall or consider painting geometric patterns on the walls using stencils – or freehand if you’re good at it.  For kitchens and bathrooms, bright whites and glass tiles offer a clean, modern look that brightens the room and makes it appear larger.

Choose great furnishings

The next best thing to do in your house for an ultra modern look is to make sure you have the best furnishings available.  Couches and beds take over their respective rooms; they are elegant and oversized, and come in a wide variety of geometric shapes and designs that are perfect for the ultra modern appeal.  When you think accent tables, think texture.  Make sure that they are clean looking whether you decide upon chrome, glass, or wood.  An angular bar stool or chrome chair adds an unexpected twist to the room, and provides further interest.

Glossy walls and shiny furnishings are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms; the reflective qualities capture the attention of the eye when anyone enters the room.  Brushed metal on hardware such as drawer pulls and cabinet doors are the perfect touch in a kitchen or bath, and they add an elegant quality to the room.  In all rooms, keep clutter to a minimum so that lines flow smoothly without interruption.

The perfect finishing touch

In the ultra-modern decorating theme, try to minimize the use of rugs; consider ceramic tile or linoleum for entry ways.  Light fixtures should be simple in design, and made of stainless steel, chrome or wood.  For the windows, consider white shades that are simple yet elegant in place of draperies, which can give your home a dark, heavy look.

Depending upon whether you choose basic colors such as black, gray and white or bolder colors such as red or yellow, accents should be simple and sparse.  A single abstract or geometric print on a wall adds a bold splash of color.  Consider a large vase in a bold color filled with eucalyptus or another basic plant, along with a few large pillar candles to add atmosphere and ambience.

When you want a look that is clean and ultra modern, remember to keep things simple and avoid clutter.  Put the tips in this article to work for you, and you will see that creating a clean, bright, modern look for your home is easy.

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Nov 09 2010

Creating a Beautiful Living Room on a Budget

Are you tired of the looks or layout of your living room but don’t have the budget to start over from scratch?  Many people want to decorate their living rooms, but some simply cannot afford it considering today’s economic climate.  Now you can decorate your living room at little or no cost.

When most people consider “re-decorating” they automatically tend to think it involves purchasing all new items, but this isn’t always necessary.  Simply decorate by rearranging the things you already have, and do a little “de-cluttering” to make the room look open and spacious.  There are several ways to freshen up and revive the look of your living room without going broke!

Double the size of the room with these simple tricks

To make a room appear to be more spacious than it actually is, clean out all of the unnecessary items.  If you have a bunch of boxes stacked up in one corner, move them to a different room or better yet, throw them out.   This is a key in decorating; the less clutter there is in a room, the more space you will have to display the accents and accessories you love.

Also, consider placing a few pieces of furniture closer to walls to open up pathways to other rooms.  Keep window coverings simple and light to avoid the dark, closed in look that heavy drapes often create.

Define your spaces

Help define seating and conversation areas with accent rugs.  If you want the area to appear more spacious, choose a light colored rug.  A dark color makes the room seem more romantic and intimate which might give off the wrong vibe to any company you have over.  Make sure the colors of the rugs you choose harmonize; they can be either complementary or contrasting with other accents in the room.

In order to balance your space, make sure the floor is a little darker than the walls.  If you have wood floors, this can easily be accomplished by staining the floor.  If you have carpeting, use a large area rug to add contrasting color.  Display accents sparingly to keep the area open and airy.  With large accents, display them in various areas of the room instead of together; the exact opposite is true for smaller accessories, which look beautiful when displayed together.

Plants:  An easy and affordable way to liven up a room

A good way to make the room seem a bit more natural and breezy is to add a few live plants.  Silk plants do have a “real” look, but nothing is quite like live plants to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to a room.  Plants are relatively inexpensive and sometimes you can even get a “start” from your neighbor’s plants for free.  This is one extremely affordable way to accent a room.

Use old furnishings as much as possible.  The gently worn distressed look is all the rage today!  Consider transforming some pieces you no longer use.  An old wooden door can easily be transformed and made a unique coffee table.  A little imagination and creativity can go a long way in helping you freshen up the look of your living room on a budget.

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Nov 05 2010

Incorporating Brown and Teal for a Living Room that is Modern and Appealing

Today, modern decor is refreshing and attractive.  Two decades ago, most people would never dream of decorating a living room in shades of brown and teal; now, it’s one of the most appealing looks you can have if you love a clean, modern decor.  In this article, you will find many useful tips for incorporating these two colors for a look that is vibrant and beautiful.

Starting point:  Walls

In order to prevent your living room from looking closed in or small, you want to use a light, neutral shade for the walls.  Consider light sand, a pale, soft aqua or a muted caramel color.  To add further interest and appeal, paint baseboards and trim in a contrasting shade such as bold aqua or dark chocolate brown.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, consider texturing the walls through various techniques such as stamping, ragging or rag-rolling to add a wallpaper-like finish that is original and eye-catching.

Choosing the furniture

To achieve balance in this style of decorating, it’s best to choose furnishings that are scaled to a larger size.  Tables, entertainment centers, chairs and sofas should all be the same deep brown shade if possible.  Leather furnishings work especially well in this decor, and add rich texture.

Accessories are where the fun begins

Once walls are completed and furnishings are chosen, it’s time to start adding colorful accents.  Choose 3 shades of teal; a pale shade, a medium shade, and one that is dark and bold.  The medium shade will be the dominant teal color for the room, while the others help balance things out.

When shopping for accents, let anything teal catch your eye and consider if it will work with your decorating theme.  Throw pillows, picture frames, vases, window treatments, candles, tapestries – all of these things will add color and visual appeal to the room.

Vary patterns for further appeal

Long gone are the days when everything had to match.  In past years, if you chose a floral pattern for your living room, you would not dare use stripes or abstract patterns.  Today, it is very common for savvy decorators to mix stripes, plaids, swirls and all types of patterns together, and the look is creative and attention grabbing.  Consider a plaid throw, along with striped pillows and abstract paintings for the walls to create a room that is full of life.  Mixing patterns adds depth and originality, making each room striking in its own unique way.

For those who love modern, contemporary rooms, this look is ultra-chic and absolutely beautiful.  Incorporate hues of dark, chocolate brown and shades of teal for a rich look with bright splashes of color that bring the room alive!  Decorate with accessories that are unique and capture the attention of the eye.  Once you see the finished results, you will want to show your living room off to everyone you know!

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