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Jul 01 2011

Decorating Ideas That Will Give Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look and Feel

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Your kitchen is the room where the family gathers to share the day and enjoy delicious meals.  It’s also where guests and extended family members tend to congregate.  If you’re growing tired of the same old look, there are many things you can do to give your tired kitchen a fresh, appealing new look.

The first thing you need to do before you begin is to decide on a theme that you like.  Whether you desire a look that is modern and ultra sleek or warm and rustic, the ideas below will help you create a kitchen that will be your favorite room in your home.

Ideas for a Tuscan themed kitchen

If you love the colors derived from nature such as yellow, red, green and brown, Tuscan is the perfect theme.  Stucco texture for the walls, striped and checked patterns, copper, wood furnishings – all of these elements combine to create a look that is warm and rich.

Rich patterns and texture can be added through curtains, table cloths, napkins and the other fabrics in the room.

Spanish style kitchen theme ideas

Warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red and copper can be blended to create a Spanish style kitchen which contains all the ambiance of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Terracotta floor tiles, iron hardware adorning wood furnishings, copper and a mixture of painted tiles for the counter tops add plenty of color and rustic appeal.  Wrought iron chairs placed around the table add a true Spanish flair to the room.

A French country kitchen is cozy and warm

French country combines soft colors and the elements of nature.  An earthy granite material is perfect for kitchen counter tops while copper and wrought iron add a warm ambiance to the room.  Walls may be off-white or butter yellow; cabinets are weathered and worn.  A chandelier adds to the atmosphere, while stucco texture for the ceilings gives an authentic look.

The modern kitchen – sleek and polished

Those who prefer a clean, polished look that is free from clutter will enjoy a modern kitchen.  Colors you may want to consider include black and white, lavender, aqua blue and silver.  A smaller kitchen looks best when a monochromatic color theme is used; white and off-white give the room a more spacious look.

Larger kitchens can accommodate more color.  For instance, a large modern kitchen would look great with pale lavender-white walls accented with black appliances.  If your current cabinets do not match appliances, consider giving them a coat of paint to help establish a continuous color theme.

Country kitchen – there’s nothing else like it

The most inviting and warm kitchen is often the one decorated using a country theme.  Worn wood, rooster or sunflower accents, wrought iron pot racks, gingham curtains and tablecloths; the elements of country are taken straight from the days of decades ago, when grandma’s house was the most comfortable and relaxing place you could find yourself.

These are just a few ideas to help get your creative thoughts moving in the right direction.  Consider the decor in the rest of your home, and which elements you truly love, which make you and your family feel most at home.  Changing the look of your kitchen is easy once you decide on the perfect theme!

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Jun 15 2011

Designing a Kitchen With Western Flair

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Do you love all things western?  Your kitchen is the “hub” of your home.  It’s where you share meals and the activities of the day with family, entertain guests and congregate during holidays and other special times.  A western-themed kitchen is one that is colorful, warm, richly textured and inviting.  If you are at a loss for ideas with which to transform your kitchen, the tips below will help you design a warm western kitchen that is beautiful and comfortable.

Decide on a theme

There are several western themes you may want to consider when decorating your kitchen.  Do you prefer a Native American or Southwestern theme, a country western theme, or something along the lines of Spanish colonial?

Once you determine which style is best for you, you can continue by choosing furnishings, colors and patterns that will work to create the look you are after.

Native American/Southwestern decorating

If you choose this style of decor, think all things natural.  The elements of Native American/Southwestern decorating incorporate stone, ceramic, terracotta, wood and plants.

The colors most often used in this decorating style include turquoise, orange, rusty or brown red shades, golden yellow and other colors found in nature.  Bold, geometric shapes and vibrant striped patterns blend to create a look that is rich in both color and texture.

Spanish Colonial

If you decide to go with this decorating theme, think about kitchen and dining  furnishings and accents that are relevant to those regions in the west, such as California.  The Spanish colonial style of decorating incorporates a bit of Native American and Mexican or Spanish elements, including ceramics, copper and terracotta.

Think of colors like blue, yellow, white, clay and beige.  Clay pots, terracotta floors, tiles in earth tones, copper cookware and wall decor; all of these things blend to create a look that is rich and appealing.

Country western

Are you looking for that true “old west” feel?  This is one of the most popular styles of western decorating.  A country western theme incorporates things that conjure scenes from old western movies.  Copper, lots of rustic wood, warm shades of reddish browns, tan, forest and turquoise lend to the authentic look.

Many people choose animals as a theme in a country western kitchen.  Roosters, cows, and other animals you would normally find on a farm can be the basis of your decorating theme.  Heavy textures and rugged finishes add to the ambient atmosphere.

Cacti, horses, wagon wheels, old iron skillets – all of these things lend a look that is rich in nostalgia and welcoming.  The key to an inviting country western kitchen is all things “down home”.  Dish towels, curtains, western-themed knickknacks, rustic knobs and drawer-pulls; the smallest elements are essential in creating the look.

Now you have a better idea of what is needed to transform your kitchen into one with a relaxed, comfortable western flair.  This is a look that is unpretentious, welcoming all who enter your home!  Your kitchen will be the most popular room in the house.

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Jun 14 2011

Designing a Tuscan Style Kitchen

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A Tuscany style kitchen offers old-world appeal, rich colors and natural elements that blend to create a room that is beautiful, elegant and warm.  If you enjoy a look with an Italian flair which incorporates shades of wine, golden pears, olive greens and Mediterranean Sea blues, this look is perfect for your kitchen.

Today, many people use their kitchen as much, if not more, than the living room.  This is a room where you prepare family meals and entertain guests, play cards or just enjoy a good discussion.  You want it to be beautiful, inviting and comfortable.

Start with the basics

If you are building a new home or renovating an older home, there are several factors that should be considered in the Tuscany style decor.  A terracotta tile floor, arches, tall windows and wood shutters lend a genuine taste of the Italian countryside to the room.

Earthenware, ceramics, stone, brick and wood are some of the elements you should include when designing your Tuscany style kitchen.


Color – a huge aspect of creating the look

As mentioned, golden pear shades, wines, rich blues and olive greens create a room with depth and dimension.  Cabinets may be terracotta or dark gold shades; walls and floors also look rich when designed in these colors.  The palette is inspired by natural elements that you find outdoors in the mountains, forests and landscapes.

The real “pop” comes when using accent colors in the kitchen.  Tiles, trim and baseboards are often painted in shades of antique whites, tomato red, olive green and golden yellow. A vibrant burnt orange adds additional interest to the room.

The look is rustic

When decorating your kitchen in Tuscany style, try to avoid accents or furnishings that look modern or contemporary.  The look is rustic or rugged, with plenty of wood, marble, and wrought iron and other natural finishes.

An old antique-looking kitchen table adds to the warm, ambient atmosphere.  If you have a wood table that looks too new, just use some of the techniques available today to give furniture a “shabby” look.  Sand the areas where the furniture would normally wear, or apply a coat of paint before sanding.

Accents complete the look

The accents are what really bring a Tuscany style kitchen to life and complete the look.  Artwork for the walls may be anything from grapevines and greenery to prints of wine bottles, grapes and wine racks.

Pictures framed in rustic wood or wrought iron also add to the appearance.  Consider a hanging wrought iron pot holder, earthenware pottery, cracked ceramic pitchers and fruit bowls filled with grapes, oranges, bananas and other brightly colored fruits.

As you can see, creating a Tuscany themed kitchen is easy.  Just remember that elements of nature prevail, and rich, rustic colors set the mood.  Look through magazines for Italian designed photos, or search online to get more ideas for creating your new kitchen.

This is a beautiful style that will offer a warm welcome to all who enter your home, including family members, guests and good friends.

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Jun 09 2011

Designing a Country or Contemporary Peach & Blue Kitchen

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Peach and blue are two colors, that when combined, create a soft and ambient atmosphere.  Whether your kitchen is designed using a country theme or a contemporary theme, you can incorporate these colors for a kitchen that is colorful, warm and welcoming.

In this article, we will describe how to inject the colors peach and blue in to your kitchen design, creating an entirely new look.

Work with your current kitchen design

When peach and blue are combined they lean more toward a feminine, country motif, but they can work well in a contemporary setting as well.  In country decorating, use the colors through delicate floral arrangements and pictures.  Prints for the walls, dish towels, and other fabrics or surfaces may depict a calming countryside or a placid lake.

In a contemporary theme, peach and blue are used in a different way.  Modern, abstract prints and hard angular lines are commonly found in this decorating style, so use the shades in more modern elements in your kitchen.  A table runner in an abstract design along with geometric shapes in pictures, vases and other accessories adds soft color while keeping with the modern look.

Color the walls

The walls are the basis of any room, and help set the overall mood.  In a country themed kitchen, choose shades of peach and blue that are a light to medium.  Peach shades can range from a pastel peach to a richer peachy-tan hue.  Country blue or gray blue complement the peach colors perfectly.

A contemporary kitchen can look beautiful with darker, bolder shades of peach and blue.  In this style of kitchen, think sea blue, deep blueberry and darker peach shades.

In either situation, the perfect accent for trim is a soft cream shade.  Use it as an accent on the walls, around trimmed out doors and windows.  In contemporary decorating, it is particularly important to choose a light shade for accenting to prevent the room from looking too dark.

Accents pull the look together

In a country setting, you want to avoid using a floral pattern that includes both peach and blue flowers.  Choose one dominant color so that the look is not too busy.  The second color can be incorporated through solids, stripes, checks and other patterns that may be used for curtains, chair upholstery, a table runner, etc.

Designing a contemporary kitchen with these colors proves a bit more challenging, but the completed look is well worth the effort.  Since you want to use very few accents to keep the look clean and uncluttered, use a few items in peach and blue that make bold statements.  This may be in the form of a centerpiece for the table, or a single large print for a wall.  Carved soapstone is a great way to bring your peach color into your space, as it is naturally shaded in a peach tone and injects a simple, modern touch.

These colors are beautiful when paired together; the atmosphere is soft yet rich, comfortable and appealing.  Use the tips above to create a kitchen in which you will want to spend all of your time!

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Jun 06 2011

Decorate Your Kitchen in a Tuscan Style For a Little Taste of Italy

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A Tuscan style kitchen is appealing, warm and welcoming.  Through various colors and accents, you can design a kitchen that brings to mind the serene Italian countryside!  Your kitchen is the heart of your home; it’s where you enjoy meals with your family and entertain guests.  The ideas below will help you create a Tuscan themed kitchen that rivals any you would find in Venice.

Wrought iron is essential

Wrought iron is huge part of decorating with a Tuscan flair.  Wine racks hung on the walls, a wrought iron pot holder hanging from the ceiling, even a wrought iron baker’s rack give the room a flavor of Italy.  In the baker’s rack, weave silk vines or greenery throughout the edges for a unique, inspiring look.

You may want to consider a large oil painting or print for a single wall, framed out in heavy wrought iron.

Incorporate the colors from nature

In a Tuscan style kitchen, colors often mimic those found in a Tuscan landscape; earth tones, rich golds, terracotta and colors from the sea blend together to bring to mind old Italy.

Colors can be added through accents, flooring, counter tops and walls.  Natural materials also lend to the old-world charm.


When it comes to your dining room table and cabinets, think worn and wood.  A chunky wood dining room table with distressed paint and chipped areas add to the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.  A wooden cupboard contributes an authentic look; consider chicken wire doors for further appeal.

You can distress your furniture yourself if you currently have wood furnishings that are a bit too modern.  Simply paint the wood in a natural, earthy color and sand in areas where the furniture would naturally “wear”.

Natural floors

In the Tuscan style of decorating, natural elements should be applied to the floors as well.  Think wood, ceramic tile or stone.  The rudiments of this decorating theme are completely natural; the more earthy the appearance, the more enhanced the look.


Now the real fun begins!  The accents found in Tuscan decor are colorful and rich.  Think terracotta pots filled with natural herbs for the counter tops.  If your cabinets drop down from the ceiling, decorative jars of all shapes and sizes filled with peppers, grape vines, garlic and other herbs topped with colorful lids are perfect for the soffit space.

Consider antique metal signs or pictures incorporating anything wine related for your walls.  Grape vines, grapes and wine bottles, bowls filled with fruit – these aspects, when combined in pictures, make a rich, colorful addition to the walls.

A rich tapestry designed in a Tuscan theme makes a beautiful focal point for a wall in the dining room.  Murals or wallpaper borders designed using a Tuscan motif adds further depth and appeal.

Updating the look of your kitchen can be accomplished with ease, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it.  When you think of the rich warmth of Italy, let it inspire some creative ideas of your own!  The look is elegant, natural, warm and a bit romantic – your family and guests will love the new decor.

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Jun 01 2011

Tips For Opening Up a Small Kitchen

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Many homes have a small kitchen and dining room area, which is unfortunate considering that these are the rooms in which many families spend most of their time.  How can you open up this area and make it more appealing?  There are many things you can do to brighten up a small area and make it look more spacious.   The tips and ideas in this article will help you do just that.

Just remember, before you start to make changes, that you really love the decorating theme, otherwise you will never be happy with the results.

Choosing the right colors

Since your kitchen and dining room are already on the small side, you want to avoid dark colors as much as possible.  Dark shades will only make the room look smaller, so stick to light colors.

Pale hues of country blue, peach, soft yellow and cream are perfect for the kitchen.  You may even want to consider a monochromatic color scheme.  An ultra light gray shade combined with country blue and white is beautiful, and makes the room look more spacious.  It is perfectly fine to use small splashes of bright color to add interest and depth to the room.

Choose small scale furnishings

When it comes to the dining room, consider a modern or contemporary style of table and chairs.  This style of furniture is usually built on a smaller scale; lines are sleek and clean, giving the room a more spacious appearance.

Traditional or country furnishings tend to be on the bulky side, so you probably want to avoid this type of furniture.  If you must use this style in your decorating, choose a round table that is smaller in diameter or one with drop-down sides.

If you need an island in your kitchen, consider one that rolls so that you can place it in a closet or the pantry when not in use.


Minimize clutter

Clutter can take over a room and make it look messy and it takes up space on the kitchen counter.  Your goal is to achieve clean, open spaces.  Put small appliances away when not in use, and avoid trying to decorate the tops of the counters with knick-knacks, plants and other items.

The appliances you choose can also make a difference in how open and spacious your kitchen appears.  White or stainless steel tend to look clean and open, while black or dark colored appliances absorb light instead of reflecting it.

Brighten up the walls

If you currently have wood paneling or walls that are painted a dark color, paint them a light color.  Wallpaper with busy patterns also diminishes the size of a room, so consider removing it and using a solid color.

Bright pictures with light colored frames add an additional splash of color; consider hanging a large mirror on the wall along one side of the dining room table.  It will reflect the entire room, making it appear twice the size!

These tips and ideas will help you design a kitchen and dining room that appears open and inviting.  You don’t have to live with a small kitchen – transform it in to a space you and your family will love!

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May 28 2011

Decorating a Spanish Style Kitchen – Ideas to Help You Achieve The Look

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A Spanish style kitchen incorporates elements of nature along with bold splashes of color.  The look is warm, inviting and beautiful.  Stone, rustic wood, terracotta, copper and ceramics are just a few of the elements you will find in this welcoming decor.  Whether your home is designed in a Spanish style or you just love the look, this article will help you design a kitchen that is magnificent.

Floors – the foundation of the look

In Spanish decorating, wide-plank wood or stone floors are the perfect basis for the rest of your decorating.  Ceramic tile floors will also work, as long as the color and design offers the look of nature.  Stone, granite and terracotta shades work well and lend to the overall appeal of the room.

To accent the floor, choose Spanish style rugs that are ablaze with the colors of nature; vibrant reds, sunset yellow, ocean blue and golden tones add a warm touch to the room.


If you have been in an authentic Spanish or Mexican restaurant, you have likely seen stucco walls.  This is what you want in your own kitchen!  If you cannot have the real thing, paint the walls a light stucco color and use a texturing technique to give the walls that old-style appeal.

You may even want to incorporate an area of the wall with a faux stone finish; this would be perfect in the area where the dining room table sits.  Use the stone finish for about 3 feet of wall up from the floor, and then finish the space up to the ceiling with stucco.

Decorate the walls with a touch of the southwest.  Include accents containing wood along with rope, and incorporate turquoise, red and golden yellow which are bright and add a Spanish flavor.  Copper pots and utensils also add interest and warmth to the walls.

Add architectural flair

Even if your home wasn’t built using Spanish architecture, you can create the look yourself.  If you do not have exposed wood beams, hang worn wooden planks on the ceiling to replicate the look!  Instead of a solid wall between the kitchen and dining area, place a few wooden beams from floor to ceiling to further enhance the Hacienda appeal, and add an open, airy look.

Wrought iron, wood, stone, copper – all of these elements bring a Spanish feel to your kitchen.  Top your counters with a few terracotta or ceramic pots filled with dried flowers or a bouquet of wildflowers.

Make plenty of room for the family and guests in the kitchen!  Choose a large wooden table with a rustic or worn finish; flank with chairs (mismatched is fine), and add wooden benches along the long length of the table for a warm, welcoming appeal and plenty of room to sit and enjoy meals.

Creating a Spanish style kitchen is easy with a little imagination.  Follow these tips, look through your favorite home decorating magazines, and soon you will have a kitchen that rivals the most authentic of Haciendas.

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May 26 2011

Quick Fixes & Easy Ideas for Improving the Look of Your Kitchen

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Does your kitchen need a little pick-me-up, a little something to make it more appealing and interesting?  There are all kinds of things you can do to spice up your kitchen.  For most people the kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house; it’s where meals are shared with the family, the day is evaluated and discussed and where family or friends congregate while enjoying a piece of pie.

If your kitchen lacks personality, the tips and suggestions here will give you some great ideas!  Your kitchen is the “heart” of your home, and you don’t have to live with a kitchen that has become boring or ordinary.

Choose a new theme

Whether or not you have an existing theme, thumb through home decorating magazines for new ideas.  You may lean toward traditional, European, modern and sleek, or old-fashioned country.

Whatever type of decor you decide upon, carry it throughout your entire kitchen; cabinets, accent rugs, your kitchen table, window treatments and other aspects of the decor should continue the central theme.

Budget conscious?  Easy transformations

If you don’t have the money to invest in a new dining room table or kitchen cabinets, do a little revision yourself!  Cover the dining room table with a country-patterned table cloth for a colorful, fresh new look.  Add complementary or contrasting place mats and napkins and the dining room takes on an entirely different look.

If you’re tired of your cabinets but cannot afford the fortune it costs to replace them, give them a coat of paint!  By simply sanding your existing cabinets down, putting a colorful coat of paint on and changing out the hardware, no one will know the cabinets are not new – except you.

Liven up the walls

Decorating the walls is essential in creating a kitchen that is warm and inviting; after all, consider how stark and cold blank walls look!  For the dining room, hang a single large picture on one wall.  This may be a kitchen themed print such as fruit, a botanical garden, or even an English country landscape.  Choose the art that you prefer, and that compliments the rest of the decor.

Another idea for the walls are wood plaques; today, you can find wooden accents designed in the shapes of watermelon, sunflowers, roosters, teapots and many other forms.

Copper is a beautiful addition to many kitchens; hang pots, pans, and utensils on the walls, or display them on top of your cabinets if they are open to the ceiling.

Spruce up the floors

If your kitchen floor has seen better days, maybe it’s time to get a new laminate or ceramic tile floor.  Wood is also a great choice for many decorating themes, and adds welcoming warmth to the room.

If you cannot afford a new floor, don’t worry!  Cover the worst areas with rugs, or give the floor a few coats of paint – yes, you can actually paint a linoleum floor, and the results are fantastic.  Two to three coats of paint, followed by three coats of polyurethane to protect against wear, and your kitchen floor looks brand new.  You can even stencil on your own patterns and designs if you like!

Now you’re getting excited; you never realized there were so many things you could do to freshen up the kitchen.  While these are just a few innovative ideas, go ahead and let your imagination run wild.  Get those creative juices flowing, and make your kitchen the most beautiful, relaxing room in your home – even on a budget.

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May 20 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For a Whole New Look in Your Kitchen

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If you are in the mood to freshen up your kitchen but do not want to spend a great deal of money, there are many things you can do to completely change the look of your cabinets.  Everyone knows that having new cabinets built is extremely expensive; in fact, it’s one of the most costly projects in the kitchen.  In this article, you will learn about many different ways to transform the look of your kitchen cabinets.

Paint – the solution for nearly every decorating problem

Paint has always been one of the cheapest and easiest ways to decorate your home; it’s also a great way to change up your kitchen cabinets.

To do the best job, remove the doors from the hinges so that you can paint the insides as well.  If you have grooves or inserts, consider painting them a different color from the frames.  If your kitchen is decorated in a country theme, a mixture of worn country blue and soft yellow creates a unique look.

For a modern look, consider painting your cabinets bright white.  Sand down the old finish first and clean thoroughly to remove any built-up grease and grime.  Use a bright white semi-gloss finish, and consider using a primer before you apply the paint for a look that lasts for years.

If you love a bright, contemporary look, paint your kitchen cabinets completely different colors!  Using high-gloss primary colors, paint your kitchen cabinets alternating blue, red, green and yellow.  Once the paint has dried, apply a final layer of high-gloss clear acrylic varnish.

Sand your kitchen cabinets for a country or rustic look

If you prefer the old-time charm of a country or rustic kitchen, consider sanding the cabinet doors so that they take on a worn look.

Remove the doors from the hinges, then sand around inserts and edges, or anywhere the cabinets would normally wear.  If your cabinets are painted, use a rough textured sandpaper to get the look you want.  You can sand the entire door, just make certain that you always sand in the same direction so that the look is uniform.

Change out the hardware

Once you have completed your painting or sanding project, consider changing the hardware to give your kitchen cabinets a totally new look.  If your drawer pulls and door handles are plain, look for decorative knobs.  If you prefer a modern, sleek appeal, straight steel handles may be what you prefer.

Consider the theme of your kitchen when choosing hardware.  The hardware you choose will depend on whether you are striving for a country look, traditional or European appeal, or something ultra-chic and modern.  If the hinges are in view, change those out as well to match the rest of the hardware.

Giving your kitchen cabinets an entirely new look can be accomplished without spending a bundle!  Hopefully, these ideas will help you give your kitchen a fresh new appeal that suits your design tastes – without breaking the bank.

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May 12 2011

Why Remodeling Your Kitchen is a Good Idea

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The kitchen is often the “hub” of the home; it is where families enjoy meals and share the activities of the day.  When visitors come, this is the room where everyone “hangs out”, especially if there are snacks involved or you’re hosting a party.  You want your kitchen to reflect who you are, and you want it to be as beautiful as possible – but there are other reasons you may want to remodel your kitchen as well.

Increase the value of your home

One of the major reasons people remodel their kitchen is to increase the value of their homes.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house when prospective buyers are looking; even more than any other room, they want a kitchen that is not only beautiful but designed in a way that is efficient.

When looking at the kitchen, a buyer may look to see how close the dishwasher is located to the sink, or if the refrigerator is located in a convenient place.  Cabinets also make a difference, as they are perhaps the most expensive “decor” item in the kitchen.

Get the whole family involved

You may not even be thinking about selling your home, but if your kitchen does need an “update” – it would be a great way to get everyone in the family together on a fun project.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean replacing all of the cabinets and having new counter tops or flooring installed.  There are many things you can do yourself that will make your kitchen look as though it has been completely remodeled.

Paint the cabinets or give them a coat of stain; paint the walls and add wainscoting for richness and depth.  Put in a new porcelain or stainless steel sink – there are TONS of things you can do!

Just because your kitchen looks tired

The best reason of all to remodel your kitchen is because you want to; it’s beginning to look dated, and you’ve grown bored with the current decor.

Maybe your kitchen is now decorated in a traditional or elegant style, and you want something a bit more fun.  Transforming an elegant kitchen into one that is primitive or country is easy!  Change up the color scheme, trade out the accents and paint the cabinets.

An easy way to accomplish a country or cottage chic look in the kitchen is to paint the cabinets and then sand lightly around the edges to give them a worn or antique look.  Add accents that offer country appeal, such as sunflowers, roosters, iron skillets, rolling pins and tin signs.

Change the curtains to add further to the country decor theme.  You may want to use wood shutters, or a gingham fabric in a checked pattern.  A wrought iron hanging pot rack and bakers rack complete the look.

Painting the walls makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room.  With a country theme, warm colors such as muted reds, warm oranges and sunny yellows give the room cheer; in a French cafe or wine decor theme, gray, purple, burgundy and cream add a romantic, soft ambiance to the room.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to remodel your kitchen!  You can do it on a shoe-string budget, but the transformation to your kitchen will be phenomenal.

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