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Oct 22 2009

A Basic Guide for Hanging Artwork

framed-artworkA great way to decorate and add interest to any room or simply compliment your existing furniture is by hanging artwork on the walls. Some homeowners become completely baffled when it comes to hanging artwork in the home, wondering where they should hang it, how high they should hang it, and what pieces of artwork look the best. If you feel hesitant when it comes to hanging artwork or unsure whether your pictures are right, then follow this basic guide to help you make the most out of the artwork on your walls.

Find the Right Height to Hang Your Art
When hanging artwork, you need to be sure that the center of the picture or group of pictures is hung at eye level. Although this may not always be possible, it’s a great starting point to remember when hanging anything on the walls in your home.

Group Together Pictures and Art in a Fluid Manner
Be sure, when hanging a group of pictures, to think of them as all one unit. This means that you need to be sure they flow well together. You can easily do this by laying out the pictures on the floor. This allows you to see what design concept works best. Then the pictures can be hung straight from the floor, allowing you to keep the design you wanted.

Size Is Everything When Displaying Artwork
It’s important that you choose artwork that directly relates to the size of the wall you’re going to hang it on. A wide picture isn’t going to work on a narrow wall. Instead, choose picture that’s narrow and tall, or hang a set of pictures that are narrow and wide. If you have a larger space, choose larger pieces of artwork or group some pieces together. You need to do more than simply hang and 8×10 picture on that large main wall.

Use Shelving to Display Artwork
For a look that’s a little bit different, try hanging a shelf on the wall. Then place art pieces on the shelf and right above the shelf. The shelf can also provide a place to put other decorative items that match the piece you are hanging. When choosing a shelf, be sure that it will match the style of the art so they will flow well with each other.

Use the Size of the Artwork to Accentuate Your Space
A large painting makes a great focal point for a room. Hanging a large piece of artwork in a room that will draw attention is a great way to keep things simple. Even better, hang it over a fireplace to make that fireplace the focal point as well.

If you want to add width to your room, hang a row of pictures to create a horizontal line. If you’re looking to add height, then go for a vertical line, stacking one or two pictures on top of each other.

Vary the Height of Your Pictures
Do you have trouble hanging pictures in a straight line? Try the offset approach. You can avoid trying to get them perfectly straight altogether by simply hanging the pictures at slightly different levels. This also keeps your décor looking more casual rather than formal. This is a great look for the family room or bedroom.

Hanging your artwork presents a great opportunity to get creative in your home. It’s helpful to follow these guidelines, but also don’t hesitate to add your own creative touch when it comes to decorating your walls with artwork.

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Oct 16 2009

5 Easy Ways to Accessorize a Room

Room AccessoriesDo you find that the current look of your home is boring? Are you just looking for something different? There are plenty of simple ways to accessorize any room in your home. To give any room an entirely new look, you don’t need a lot of money or an interior decorator. You can easily accessorize any room in your home using any of the following simple suggestions.

Add Some Extra Flair with Throw Pillows
An easy place to start is by adding throw pillows to the sofa or chair. You might also place a throw blanket on the back of a sofa for added texture and color. Be sure, however, that these items are not the same exact color as the sofa or chair. After all, they should work to add some interest and design element to the room. For instance, if you have a tan sofa, find decorative pillows where tan is not the main color in the design or pattern. By finding accessories that match other complementary colors in the room, you can really pull the room together.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures
Give your room a whole new glow by updating your lighting fixtures. Whether you have older fixtures or small ones, installing new lighting can make a big difference. There are many inexpensive ones available that are easy to install. Not only do you want to find a design style that fits the room, but you want to be sure the fixture gives off plenty of light to make your room brighter and therefore more welcoming.

Go Green with Your Living Room Accessories
You can easily add more color to the room with a houseplant or vase of flowers. No matter your style, you should be able to find some really beautiful fake flower arrangements at your local craft store. Otherwise, if you’re creative enough, you can make one yourself. To really brighten up the room, place the flower arrangement in a prominent spot. If you decide on a houseplant, real or fake, it should also go where it will garner more attention. For instance, if you want to draw more attention to the fireplace, you might try placing a houseplant on both sides of it.

Fill Up a Blank Wall with Framed Pictures
If the walls in your room are boring, purchase a few picture frames in various shapes and sizes to hang up. You should be able to choose from a wide array of unique and stylish frames that will not only help you display your pictures but will also add some interest to the room. Try matted pictures or black-and-white images with only a touch of color for a dramatic look.

Reorganize Knickknacks with Shelving
Do you have a lot of knickknacks in your room that are getting lost in the shuffle? Consider grouping them together on a mantle, wood bookshelves or installing shelving on the walls. They will better accessorize the room if you display them together in a stylish arrangement rather than just letting them get lost in the room.

Adding simple accessories allows you to easily redecorate or switch around the style design of a room. If you really want to do something totally different, you might look into moving the furniture around. You could also add new pieces of furniture to the mix, such as a new side table or oak coffee table. Adding accessories to a room should be neither hard nor expensive. Rather, just get creative and let your style show.

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