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Jan 20 2010

Winter Decorating Ideas for the Home

There are many homeowners who like to change the décor and decorate their home according to the different seasons. When it comes to winter decorating, there are many creative ideas you can try. Although many people use the wintertime to decorate for the holidays, there are plenty of other ways you can simply decorate for the winter season. Following are some great tips for winter decorating in your home.
Decorate Your Home in Winter White
As wintertime approaches, you can turn your home into a white winter wonderland by bringing out your white décor items. Since winter days and nights tend to be dark and dreary, white décor items can also work to add some much needed light to your home. Especially in winter, white also reminds of beautiful snowfalls. Some easy ways to add more white to your winter décor include white tablecloths, white candles, and white throws slung over chairs and couches.

Hang a Winter Wreath in Your Home
Wreaths are not just for Christmas and actually make a great winter decoration that you can display from December to March. Consider making your own greenery wreath. Another option is to buy a pre-made one that matches the style of your home. Find items associated with winter to decorate the wreath with, such as pinecones, white or flannel ribbon, and silver charms. The wreath can then be hung on the wall. Do be sure that the wreath and the wall are comparable in size. You don’t want a tiny wreath hung on a huge wall that has a great deal of blank space, nor do you want a huge wreath on a tiny wall.

Change Your Furniture for Winter
Changing your furniture for a winter décor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and buy a new set of furniture for every season. You just might have to add or take away some items. One great way to change your furniture for winter is to add some slipcovers. Heavier-material slipcovers in a wintery color will look great on your couches and chairs. You might also decorate the furniture using winter-themed pillows. These pillows can be solid-colored or plaid. Or you might find some with snowflake or snowman pictures on them. Another simple way to add some winter style to a room is by adding a heavy throw to the back of a couch or chair.

Change Your Artwork in Your Home for Winter
If you are trying to create a winter décor, you may not want pictures of bright flowers hanging on your walls. Consider storing these pictures away for the spring and summer, and hanging different pieces of art that give your home more of a wintertime feel. Any black and white photographs of nature, such as snow, trees, rivers, and mountains, are a perfect addition to a winter décor. You might also replace those bright and cheery flowers with hand-painted pictures of country snowfalls. You can also find paintings that use rich colors that fit better with winter.

These are just a few ideas of how to create a winter décor in your home. It’s fun to change the look of your home to celebrate the different seasons of the year.

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Jan 12 2010

5 Great DIY Decorating Projects for the Home

Many homeowners like to do their own decorating projects themselves. By doing your own decorating projects, you can ensure that your own style and personality come through your decorating. Here are 5 great DIY decorating projects that you can do for your home.

1. Paint the Walls
The easiest yet most effective way to give room a whole new look is by painting. Remember, the color of the walls is going to influence the entire room’s décor. If you begin a painting project, you want to be sure you do it properly and prepare the walls as needed. You may need to fill in any cracks and then sand them down, as you want the wall to be crack-free and smooth. You will need to first put on a coat of primer, and depending on the color and the saturation of the wall, you may have to put on a few coats of paint.

2. Install Molding on the Walls
With molding, you can instantly add a new touch to the walls. Molding will lend some interest and appeal to an otherwise boring wall. You have many choices of what type of molding you want. You might go with crown molding, which is installed at the top of the wall, or go a different route with a chair rail, which is installed in the middle. Before nailing it to the wall, paint or stain the molding first. The nail holes can then be touched up with paint afterward.

3. Personalize the Lampshades
If you can’t find the exact lampshade you’ve envisioned or just want to create something that shows your style, then consider designing your own lampshade. This is easier than it sounds. Simply take a white or cream-colored lampshade and cut figures or designs out of a dark paper such as black or red. Then tape the paper to the inside of the lampshade and you will have created a designer lampshade that reflects your own personal style. Add items to your lampshade such as embellishments and ribbon to personalize it as well.

4. Make Your Own Artwork for the Walls
Even if you can’t paint or draw very well, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your very own artwork to hang on the walls or to place on a shelf in one of your bookcases. You just need to get creative. You can look around and use items you already have. Look around for photographs, postcards, and book images that you can hang on the wall. Another easy idea is to put together a collage of items found in nature. Another simple project is to take a frame or blank canvas and wrap it in a patterned fabric that fits in with the room’s décor. If you choose two or three different patterns and different sized frames, you can hang them together in a cluster on the wall.

5. Make Your Own Window Treatments
If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, there are many different non-sewing techniques you can use to make your own curtains. To create instant interest around a window, simply take a long silk scarf and drape it over a window curtain. You might also consider using such things as placemats and tablecloths to create instant window treatments. If you do sew, then find a pattern you like, pick out the fabric, and create the window treatments you’ve always envisioned for your home.

A DIY decorating project doesn’t have to necessarily be difficult. If you’re looking to decorate your house in your own personal style, these are just 5 of the many different projects you can do for your home.

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Dec 14 2009

4 Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home

ArtworkIf you have a favorite piece of art but are unsure as to how to display it, there are a couple of different options to choose from. You can easily go beyond simply hanging the piece of artwork on the wall. Choose from one of these creative ways to display your art instead.

Use Ribbon to Hang Art on the Wall
Rather than simply putting a nail in the wall, use ribbon to hang the art from the wall instead. Carefully choose your ribbon so that it adds to the art and complements it well. Hang ribbon either from a hook or screw in the middle of the back of the art piece or from both sides. Then place a hook on the wall or use a small nail to hang the ribbon from. Look to make sure that the artwork is hanging evenly, especially if you are using more than one ribbon to hang it by.

Place Artwork on a Decorative Shelf
A great place to display art is on a decorative shelf. You should be able to find all different types of decorative shelves and ledges that will add to the beauty of the piece of art you want to display.

You want to be sure that the shelf you choose is the appropriate size for the piece you are going to display. Instead of displaying only one piece, you might also choose to display a collection of art on the shelf. Before placing any artwork on your shelf or ledge, it’s important to be sure that it’s properly installed on the wall.

Use a Fireplace Mantel to Display Art
Do you have a nice fireplace mantel in your home? Why not draw even more attention to your mantel by placing a piece of artwork on it? Try placing the piece on the mantel, up against the wall, instead of hanging it above.

You want the art piece to be smaller than the mantel, but you don’t want it so small that you can’t really see it. If the artwork is small, try placing two or three smaller pieces on the mantel for a unique look, rather than just the one. Do be sure to secure the piece of art so it won’t fall down off the mantel.

Find Unique Hangers for the Art
There are many different things you can use to hang artwork that you probably haven’t even thought of. Your favorite stocking holder makes a great hanger. Simply nail it to the wall and use it to hold your favorite piece of art.

You might also use a rope or chain that hangs from the ceiling or the top of the wall. One piece can be hung from it or several pieces. Hang the artwork either vertically or horizontally, depending on the length of the wall. By hanging your pieces of art across a blank wall, you are essentially creating something like a clothesline.

You don’t have to keep displaying pieces of art in your home in the same old boring ways. Whatever the style or theme of your décor is, there are plenty of creative and crafty ways to display art in your home. So get creative and use one of these ideas to display art in your home.

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Oct 30 2009

3 Quick and Easy Tips for Decorating with Artwork on a Budget

Zion PosterArtwork is one of the most popular ways to decorate a home. But most people believe that in order for artwork to look good, it has to be expensive. Yet this is not the case. You can easily find ways to decorate your home with inexpensive art that still results in a wonderfully decorated room. If you are on a budget and still want to include art in your home décor, then here are some great ways to add interest and character to your home without spending much money.

Find Free Artwork around the House
With a quick look around your home, you are sure to find many pieces that can easily be framed to create a beautiful addition to a room. Keep an eye out for such things as: hanging calendars with pictures, postcards, greeting cards, and even a decorative flag. You can even add something special to some of these pieces to make them look more professional: simply matte them with matting board in the frame.

Look to Nature for Art Pieces
Quite a few different things from nature can be framed in a shadow box or even a matted frame. For instance, you can frame a collage you’ve created from pressed flowers and leaves. Other items from nature such as sea shells, seeds, pinecones, branches, and flowers can all be used as pieces of art. It may take a little creativity to design a collage using these items, but your efforts will be well worth it, as you will end up with a piece of artwork that fits your style perfectly.

Take Your Own Photographs for Your Artwork
If you have your own camera or can borrow one from a friend to take your own pictures, then the possibilities are endless for creating art for your home. After all, you can take pictures of just about anything: from flowers and trees, to houses and the sky . If you really want to get creative, you can use a photo editing website and develop the pictures in black and white or sepia. Have the photographs developed in the proper size, regardless of whether you enlarge them or print them in normal size.

If you have an empty wall you need to fill, you can buy matching frames in different sizes and arrange the photographs on the wall. If you’re not that creative, then enlist the help of a friend to take photos or go the more traditional route and take pictures of your family to hang on the walls.

If you get creative, you will be able to come up with any type of artwork for your home that matches your budget. Without much difficulty, you can turn everyday objects into pieces of art. Look through any illustrated books you have and see if there’s a picture you can frame and hang to fit the style of your room. Items like fabric swatches, buttons, magazine clippings, and other small things you run across can be used to make a collage for a shadowbox or frame. Take the time to look around your house and yard. If you use what you have, you will find that there are many possibilities for inexpensive artwork that can be displayed in your home.

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Oct 22 2009

A Basic Guide for Hanging Artwork

framed-artworkA great way to decorate and add interest to any room or simply compliment your existing furniture is by hanging artwork on the walls. Some homeowners become completely baffled when it comes to hanging artwork in the home, wondering where they should hang it, how high they should hang it, and what pieces of artwork look the best. If you feel hesitant when it comes to hanging artwork or unsure whether your pictures are right, then follow this basic guide to help you make the most out of the artwork on your walls.

Find the Right Height to Hang Your Art
When hanging artwork, you need to be sure that the center of the picture or group of pictures is hung at eye level. Although this may not always be possible, it’s a great starting point to remember when hanging anything on the walls in your home.

Group Together Pictures and Art in a Fluid Manner
Be sure, when hanging a group of pictures, to think of them as all one unit. This means that you need to be sure they flow well together. You can easily do this by laying out the pictures on the floor. This allows you to see what design concept works best. Then the pictures can be hung straight from the floor, allowing you to keep the design you wanted.

Size Is Everything When Displaying Artwork
It’s important that you choose artwork that directly relates to the size of the wall you’re going to hang it on. A wide picture isn’t going to work on a narrow wall. Instead, choose picture that’s narrow and tall, or hang a set of pictures that are narrow and wide. If you have a larger space, choose larger pieces of artwork or group some pieces together. You need to do more than simply hang and 8×10 picture on that large main wall.

Use Shelving to Display Artwork
For a look that’s a little bit different, try hanging a shelf on the wall. Then place art pieces on the shelf and right above the shelf. The shelf can also provide a place to put other decorative items that match the piece you are hanging. When choosing a shelf, be sure that it will match the style of the art so they will flow well with each other.

Use the Size of the Artwork to Accentuate Your Space
A large painting makes a great focal point for a room. Hanging a large piece of artwork in a room that will draw attention is a great way to keep things simple. Even better, hang it over a fireplace to make that fireplace the focal point as well.

If you want to add width to your room, hang a row of pictures to create a horizontal line. If you’re looking to add height, then go for a vertical line, stacking one or two pictures on top of each other.

Vary the Height of Your Pictures
Do you have trouble hanging pictures in a straight line? Try the offset approach. You can avoid trying to get them perfectly straight altogether by simply hanging the pictures at slightly different levels. This also keeps your décor looking more casual rather than formal. This is a great look for the family room or bedroom.

Hanging your artwork presents a great opportunity to get creative in your home. It’s helpful to follow these guidelines, but also don’t hesitate to add your own creative touch when it comes to decorating your walls with artwork.

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