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May 17 2012

Using Rugs to Bring a Unique Touch to Your Decor

A decade ago, rugs were only found on the floors of most homes.  Today, various styles of rugs add dimension and beauty through luxurious texture, dramatic designs and color.  While they are perfect for the floor, there are other ways to incorporate beautifully designed rugs in to your decor!  The ideas below will help you create rooms that are unique and make an impact on all who enter your home.

Rugs come in every shape and size

There are so many different types of rugs available that it’s often hard to decide what you want.

Oriental and Persian rugs offer an elegant, rich appearance for your home.  Often hand-knotted, such rugs are made by skilled artisans that love their work.  It can take these craftspeople up to 2 years to create a single rug.  The older these rugs are, the more worth they have.

Braided rugs are another type of rug that has remained popular over the years.  Some contain up to 10 colors, and are perfect for the country-themed, traditional or rustic home.

Round, rectangular, square or oval, you can find rugs in every shape and color to meet your decor needs.

Unique ideas for decorating with rugs

Sure, an area-size braided or Persian rug is perfect for warming up wood or tile floors, but how can you use them in other ways?

A large rug makes a perfect addition to a wall.  When placed above the couch or fireplace mantle, a rug can become the focal point of the room.  Oriental rugs are especially fitting for this purpose.

How can you add a bit of texture and drama to the mantle?  Drape a runner that is typically used for a hallway or staircase across the mantle; it is a beautiful backdrop to those pictures, statues, candles and other accents you may use to decorate the mantle.

If you have sofa or accent tables in the living room that are a bit worn, a small Persian rug is the perfect solution.  When placed on top of the table, the intricate designs add color and pattern.  Nothing warms up a living room and adds depth quite like rugs!

Of course, you still want to use them on the floor, but you can create drama here as well.  Take a large round Persian rug and then place a smaller one on top of it for a unique look.  If the patterns contrast it’s even better, as long as the color theme blends.

Brightly colored whimsical rugs work great in the kitchen

If you’ve ever seen those smaller rugs embellished with brightly colored flowers and fruits, you may have thought them to be a bit garish.

While they aren’t perfect for every room, these types of rugs are perfect when used to brighten up a kitchen.  Place one in the floor in front of the sink, or hang two or three together on a dining room wall to add cheer.  A brightly colored floral arrangement or fruit basket used as a centerpiece for the table brings the look together.

From elegant Persian rugs to bold animal and exotic designs, there are many uses for rugs, from the most traditional to the wacky and whimsical.  Rugs are a beautiful way to add color and dimension to your home without spending too much money.  Use your imagination – you can create looks that will capture everyone’s attention.

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Feb 22 2012

Add “Artwork” to Your Spaces With Rugs

Rugs are an integral part of your decorating scheme.  Used correctly, rugs of various styles can add class, grace, warmth and a splash of color to any home.  When it comes to decorating a home, many people think only of walls and furnishings – but floors have a lot to do with the way the room looks when completed!

With the wrong floor coverings, what would be a beautiful room ends up looking incomplete or even stark.  Here are a few tips which explain how certain types of rugs can dress up the rooms in your home.

Hand-knotted Oriental rugs
Oriental and Persian rugs are often hand-knotted by skilled artisans who take pride in their craft.  It may take up to two years for a craftsman to complete one rug!  Many are crafted of wool and silk, and painstakingly knotted by hand.

These rugs come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes to complement any decor theme.  Whether you are looking to add an elegant look to your home, or need bold, geometric designs for contemporary pizzazz, handmade rugs are perfect and often kept as family heirlooms.

The nice thing about hand woven rugs is that they are extremely durable and of the highest quality.  From small sizes that are perfect for an entry way or corner to area size rugs that cover a huge portion of the floor in a living room, these rugs offer “art” for your home.  Since many are crafted of wool, they are also flame retardant and free of allergens which can cause health issues for some family members.

Many of these Oriental and Persian rugs are crafted in Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey and other areas, then imported to rug galleries who inspect them closely for quality and flaws.  While most are a big investment, those who purchase these rugs feel they are well worth it since many last for decades and even centuries.

Braided rugs
Braided rugs have been around forever, and are just as popular today as they were 30 years ago. Typically used in country or traditional style homes, these rugs are designed for beauty and are the perfect way to add a down-home, comfortable touch to any room.

Braided rugs come in various colors and sizes; while most are oval shaped and oblong, you will find large varieties that are perfect when placed under an intimate furniture arrangement.

Smaller sizes work well in bedrooms and kitchens.  Braided rugs may be placed on both sides of a bed to add warmth to the floor during those cold winter months!

In the kitchen, consider smaller braided rugs placed on the floor in front of the sink, and in front of an entrance door if you have one coming in to the kitchen or dining room area.

Don’t waste all of your rugs on the floor – many make dramatic wall decor as well!  A large hand-knotted Oriental rug placed on a wall creates a colorful focal point for the room.

Never underestimate the power of rugs when it comes to decorating your home.  Floors need color; not only are rugs exquisitely beautiful, they also help to protect your floors from wear.

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Jun 29 2011

Choosing the Right Tile for the Various Rooms of Your Home

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If you’re thinking of updating the floors in your home, you may be considering tile.  There are many types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, slate, travertine and marble.  Some work well in certain rooms, but aren’t recommended for others.  This article offers tips so that you can choose the right tile for your home and your budget.

Consider location

Some types of tile are more slippery than others; if you are looking to tile your foyer or any area that gets a good amount of traffic, you may want to avoid marble or other types of tile that are highly polished.  In these areas, consider ceramic or stone tiles that tend to be less slippery.

Check the rating of the type of tile you are considering

Many homeowners are not aware that ceramic and porcelain tiles come with a PEI, or Porcelain Enamel Institute, rating.  These ratings vary from 1 to 5 and help determine how much traffic the surface can handle.  The higher the number, the more durable the surface and the more traffic it can handle without becoming dull or scuffed.

Consider both cost and your budget

Some types of tile are extremely costly, while others are affordable for most budgets.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the least expensive.  Natural stone tiles are usually the most expensive, so you may want to consider using them only in smaller areas if your budget is tight.

Ceramic tile comes in many different sizes and shapes, as well as a multitude of colors.  This style is the biggest seller when it comes to tile.  Keep in mind that grout can be tinted nearly any color you like, which adds to the unique look.

What you need to know about stone tiles

While natural stone tiles are exquisite in their beauty, granite, slate and marble must be sealed by a professional every 4 or 5 years to prevent staining.  Additionally, a professional should do the installation, as the varying shapes and sizes of natural stone make it a project that generally too difficult to be accomplished by the average homeowner.

Porcelain – the perfect surface for moist or humid areas

Porcelain tiles are more durable than many other types of tile, making them the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.  They are also the most water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for these rooms.

Saltillo and terra cotta tiles are two of the worst choices for tiling in a bathroom or kitchen, as they absorb more water than other options such as ceramic.  These are not recommended for areas where excess moisture or humidity is a factor.

When deciding to tile the floors in your home, just remember that cost is key.  The prices you find on different brands of tile can vary tremendously; even among ceramic and porcelain, which are usually the least costly.  This can bring their cost up to a point where they are comparable to marble or travertine – so check prices and shop around before you buy.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose tile that adds greatly to the beauty of your home, and will last for years to come.

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Oct 09 2009

Buying Hardwood Floors

Wood FlooringOne of the most popular features that new buyers look for in a home is hardwood flooring. Keep in mind, however, that despite its popularity, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to this type of flooring.

These days you can choose from more than different makes of wood for your hardwood floor, as flooring is also available in different patterns and installations. If you don’t want to choose a pre-made color, you can even get unfinished planks that allow you to pick out the exact stain you want. Nonetheless, there are many pros and cons that come with hardwood flooring that you need to consider before installing it in your home.

Pros of Hardwood Floors
One of the greatest benefits of hardwood flooring is the look. Most people agree that hardwood flooring is beautiful and much more attractive than carpet or tile. Flooring comes in a variety of different woods, from oak and cherry to bamboo.

It’s so much easier to match furniture to a hardwood floor. Unlike carpet, wood is a neutral that goes with any type or style of furniture whether its Arts and Crafts furniture or contemporary wood dining room furniture. Another benefit is that if you do decide to redecorate, you can easily create any new style and the floor will still match. This isn’t always true with some carpets and tiles that only match certain themes and styles.

Hardwood flooring is also very low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. A simple vacuuming or sweeping with a duster every few days is all you really need to do to keep them clean. Then about once a month, use a wood cleaner on the floor to help keep its shine. Hardwood floors are also a benefit if you have someone with allergies in your home, as they are much cleaner than carpet.

Finally, with the popularity of hardwood floors these days, it may be easier to sell your home than if you have carpet. Most home builders and contractors consider hardwood floors and upgrade. Thus you may find that you can increase the price of your home if you have this type of flooring.

Cons of Hardwood Floors
For people considering putting hardwood in their homes, the price is often the biggest deterrent. If you go with real hardwood flooring, not the laminate stuff, it can get pretty expensive. If you’re unable to do the installation yourself, you will also end up paying a contractor, which can cost you a great deal more.

The presence of a pet in the home might also influence your decision about hardware flooring. If you decide on this type of flooring, you need to be aware that it can be easily scratched by a cat’s or dog’s claws. There’s nothing worse than a newly installed beautiful hardwood floor with scratches all over it from your pet. It’s also important to consider that high-heeled shoes can likewise leave dents and scratches.

In most circumstances, hardwood floors are significantly colder than carpet. This is particularly true for those ground-floor hardwoods in homes that are built on a slab. This can be a major con for people who live where it gets cold in the winter. You can get rid of some of the chill with area rugs, but then you don’t get to see the beauty of the wood as much.

Finally, for those of you with small children, hardwood flooring doesn’t always make the best play area. This type of flooring is substantially harder than carpet. Not only can it be tough on crawling babies, but it creates a rather hard landing for those who are attempting to walk and falling in the process.

Installing hardwood floors in your home has both its pros and cons. You’ll need to consider your own personal circumstance to determine what’s the best option for you.

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