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Feb 09 2010

Unique Ideas for Decorating the Inside of a Fireplace

For a multitude of reasons, fireplaces are not always used for their intended function: as a place to build a fire, usually for warmth. If you aren’t using your fireplace to radiate heat into your home, it can still be used to add some style to the room. Fortunately, there plenty of ways to add some interest to a room by decorating the inside of a fireplace.

Fill the Fireplace with Candles
Imagine placing several different pillar candles in many different sizes in the fireplace and lighting them. Now you can still get some warmth and light from the fireplace without having to build a fire in it. Just be sure that you use fireproof plates or containers to hold the candles. Add even more interest to the inside of the fireplace by using decorative plates and holders. Whether you light them or not, candles make a great décor piece. Stick with all plain or off-white candles, or if you’re feeling a little adventurous mix up different colors and styles.

Add a Flower Arrangement inside the Fireplace
If you’re looking for a way to add some great color to the fireplace, try placing a large flower arrangement inside or even right outside the opening. A decorative basket or vase for the flowers gives the look an added touch. Measure the opening before you go and buy or create an arrangement. It should not be touching the inside walls but should rather be several inches away. This way it won’t be too overpowering. For the best fit, try to find a T-shaped arrangement.

Use a Decorative Fireplace Screen for the Area
A nice decorative fireplace screen will look great over the opening of your fireplace, particularly if you’d rather not see the inside. There are some very nice screens available in a variety of different styles. You are bound to find one that goes well with the style of the fireplace, as well as blending in beautifully with the décor of the room. This works really well for those who haven’t gotten around to refinishing their really old fireplace yet.

Make It Look Like a Real Fireplace with Wood Logs
Even if you don’t build fires in your fireplace, you can still enjoy its features. Simple add some nice wood logs, either real or fake. Then you can arrange them in a pleasing pattern. Guests in your home won’t even be able to tell if the fireplace doesn’t work or if you simply don’t use it. Now you can enjoy the scene without the hassle of a real fire. Just be sure to clean the fireplace before placing the logs in there.

No matter the reason why you don’t use your fireplace, you don’t want to let that instant attention grabber go to waste. Try one of these ideas to decorate the inside of the fireplace. In doing so, you’ll be able to add more style and originality to your décor.

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