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Mar 17 2010

5 Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most popular rooms in which people like to practice feng shui. With feng shui, you can create a bedroom that’s a peaceful retreat and the ideal place in which to get restful sleep every night. When you practice feng shui, you can design and decorate a balanced room filled with positive energy.

When it comes to decorating with feng shui, there are several guidelines, but some are more important than others. If you’re looking to create a balanced and peaceful bedroom, here are some feng shui tips that can help get you on your way.

1. Your bed should be the main feng shui element in the room.
Above all, wood beds are the primary source of intimate, personal energy in the room. It’s hard to get restful sleep at night if you have an uncomfortable bed.

2. By placing the bed in a feng shui position, you can create optimal positive energy and love.
For instance, you should be able to see the doorway from the bed, but you shouldn’t be directly in line with the door. Choose a strong supporting wall against which to place the bed.

3. You should have balanced energy on both sides of your bed in feng shui.
This means you have the choice of placing side tables on both sides of the bed or on neither side. You also don’t want to have any sharp angles from the tables or other furniture in the room facing the bed.

4. When you remove the television, you maintain balance in the room.
The less electricity flowing through your bedroom the better, as removing as many electrical appliances as possible is a key part of feng shui. By removing electrical flow from the room, your body won’t take in those harmful EMFs that can cause an internal imbalance. The distraction of a television or computer can also keep you from getting good sleep at night.

5. When designing your bedroom, don’t get obsessed with the rules of feng shui.
For instance, your bedroom may be too small for you to follow all the correct guidelines of feng shui. This attitude can cause you to feel stressed out, creating disappointment. It’s important to remember that feng shui is all about creating positive energy. Concentrate in making the room comfortable for you by doing what you can with the space that you have.

Some people may not believe in feng shui or find it too difficult, but its goal is to create the most comfortable, healthiest room you can. Feng shui has been born from a long philosophical tradition that demonstrates how these decorating principles can improve your sense of being and life. Start with these tips to improve your bedroom and fine-tune your feng shui.

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