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Jun 12 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas: How to Make Your Bedroom A Get-Away

Whether you are a new homeowner that is decorating their master bedroom for the first time, or you are a parent that has been spending all of their decorating efforts in the nursery and living space, there comes a time when a master bedroom needs to become your get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. For some of us, a master bedroom is just a place we sleep, but if you are hoping to turn an otherwise underwhelming space into a room where you can relax and escape into at the end of a long day, here are a few ideas that can spruce up your space and put the “Ahhhh” back into your evening routine.

Choose a Relaxing Hue

While color can be the much-needed punch to take a living space or a playroom from Plain Jane to playful, your master bedroom needs to be approached in a different way. Since this room is ideally your own private space it is important to bring in rich, deep tones that set the mood for relaxation. Grayish lavender, burnt orange, cappuccino, and other natural tones are all wonderful colors that seem to whisper, “hush”. A pale green or an Oceanside blue has spa-elements to their feel and usher in a sense of calm and rest.

Colors that calm are the biggest benefit you can have in a room that should be considered your suite. From the bedding to the artwork, keep in mind that this is a room you want to retire in at the end of a long day.  Focusing upon elements that lend themselves to sleep and unwinding is important.

Decorate with Seemingly Impractical Items

This may seem like counterintuitive design advice, but in the master bedroom there needs to be an entirely different motive in mind when it comes to decorating. The rest of the home should be decorated and designed for practicality. The kitchen should be organized in such a way that feeds your whole family comfortably and with ease. The living room should be decorated with kid-friendly or guest-friendly items such as a plush couch or an easily accessible toy bin.

In the master bedroom, however, it is imperative to have little splurges around that wouldn’t fly in any other room. Invest in that gorgeous chandelier, or that trio of crystal vases. Pick up an orchid or a delicate writers desk from an antique store that wouldn’t survive in the playroom. This is your space and should be decorated with items that create a sense of escape- much like a hotel suite.

Promote Privacy

If you are a parent or you often have overnight guests, promoting privacy in your master bedroom will give you the ability to decompress after a day of entertaining or a long day at the office. To accomplish this it is best to make sure that your bedroom isn’t visible from the main living area and if it is, perhaps hanging sheer curtains around the bed, or closing your door will keep your private suite, private.

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Feb 24 2012

Do-it-Yourself Tips for Transforming a Bedroom on a Budget

You want your bedroom to be beautiful, relaxing and comfortable.  If you’re tired of the current look but cannot afford a complete remodel, there are many affordable, small touches you can add that make a noticeable impact.  This article offers a few tips and ideas to help make your tired bedroom a beautiful, relaxing retreat that you will enjoy; whether reading, watching television or slumbering.

Add color to the focal point of the room – the bed!

Dressing up your bed is easy, and you can do it without spending more than your budget can handle.

Make throw pillows yourself!  This can easily be accomplished with felt or any other fabric you like, scissors, fiberfill and a needle and thread.  Simply cut out any patterns you like (square, round, etc.), sew together with what will be the outside of the pillow facing together, and leave a 4 inch section open so that you can stuff the pillow with fiberfill.

Once you have completed your pillows, you can embroider, stencil or add appliqués to give them additional personality and color.

Have a boring lamp on your nightstand?

Lamps are easy to transform; in fact, you can do so much to a lamp that anyone who sees it would never think it was the same lamp you had before.

If your lampshade is a solid color or white, consider painting it or gluing a boldly patterned piece of fabric to the shade!  This is easy to do.

Once you have your lampshade covered with fabric or painted, glue crystals, beads, lace or anything else that lends to your decor to the shade.  You can even string beads so that they hang in a fringe-type fashion around the perimeter of the lamp.

If the base of your lamp is crafted of wood, paint it a different color which still matches your decor.  If you like a rustic or worn look, whitewash the lamp or sand around the edges slightly for a distressed look.

Throw in a couple of new rugs

Rugs can dramatically transform the look of a room, and the bedroom is no exception.  Whether you like rag rugs, braided rugs or hand-knotted oriental rugs, the options are endless.

Do you prefer soft, subdued colors or bright bold patterns? Rugs can take your floor from drab to colorful and warm.  Don’t hog all of the rugs for the floor – throw one on the wall to create a unique focal point!

Buy an affordable throw for the bed at one of the big-box stores, add some storage bins under the bed to remove the clutter from the dresser and night stand, and your bedroom takes on a whole new look!

Crafting your own curtains, refinishing your current bedroom furniture, adding a new mirror above the dresser – there are dozens of things you can do to freshen up the decor of your bedroom without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars!

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Jul 12 2011

How to Lighten Up a Dark, Richly Colored Bedroom

A bedroom that has been decorated in bold, rich colors is warm and inviting – and perfect for inducing sleep.  On the other hand, it can look as dark as a cave because of the colors you chose.  How can you retain the ambient, relaxed atmosphere of the room and still cast a little light on the subject?  This article offers some helpful tips and ideas that will allow you to put a few bright spots in your cozy bedroom.

Years ago, people wouldn’t dream of decorating a bedroom in warm shades of pumpkin, chocolate brown, rust, mahogany or dark blue.  Now, it’s all the rage.  Intense color for bedrooms is in, and the look is rich, elegant and appealing.

Be absolutely certain before you paint walls a dark color

If your bedroom is on the small side, it will look even smaller when you paint the walls a deep shade of burgundy or pumpkin.  While the look is beautiful, you may want to stick with a rich medium beige or gray tone for the walls.  Neutral colors tend to make deep, dramatic colors pop.

Flood the room with light, both natural and artificial

One of the easiest ways to let light in to the room is to use window treatments that are light in texture and color.  Dark colored curtains will block some of the natural light so you may want to consider shades or blinds which you can open fully during daylight hours.

The artificial lighting you choose is important as well.  Bedside reading lamps on a nightstand, accent lighting to showcase wall art, and strategically placed floor lamps help add to the ambience while lightening up the mood a bit.  Keep in mind that dark colors absorb light, so it will take more light to compensate for the dark colors in the decor.

Even small accents can make an impact

If you do have dark burgundy walls or for that matter any dark shade, why not display that hip artwork you love so much?  A dark wall is the perfect backdrop for wall art consisting of bright, bold colors.  Abstract paintings, geometric designs, even bold, brightly colored floral prints look amazing against a dark background.

While it may seem minor, removing the clutter from a room will make it appear brighter, simply because it is more open and spacious.  Take away all of the small knick-knacks, and remove tables or other items that aren’t necessary.  The more open you keep the floor, the more spacious and airy the room will appear.

Hang a mirror framed with wood, brass or a gold finish on the wall for additional light.  The mirror will reflect not only the natural and artificial light, but the room itself, making it appear brighter and more open.

Even when you love deep, rich shades for the bedroom don’t be afraid to use small touches of lighter, complimentary or contrasting shades occasionally for an added pop.

These ideas will help you lighten up the overall appearance, while keeping the rich, romantic and elegant look intact.

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Jun 27 2011

Budget Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re tired of the present decor in your bedroom, there are plenty of affordable ways to give it a new look!  You don’t have to buy new furniture, replace the carpet or add expensive artwork.  This article offers tips and ideas for giving your bedroom a fresh new look without spending much money.

Change up the walls

The single most noticeable thing you can do to give your bedroom a new look is to change up the walls.

Paint is one of the most affordable ways to transform any room in your home.  In the bedroom, consider painting two opposite walls a shade that complements the color scheme; alternatively, try giving the walls texture with techniques such as sponging or rag rolling.

If you’re artistic, paint a mural on the wall!  You might also consider taking some of your photographs, blowing them up and crafting frames yourself out of old worn wood.

Dress up the bed

Since the bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the room, it is often the focal point.

If you are tired of your headboard, remove it!  Paint your own headboard on the wall using bold colors, or create a romantic look by draping long satin or sheer curtains on the wall above the head of your bed.  If you don’t currently have a head board, make one out of an old door; you can paint it a bold color, sand it down to give it a worn look – just use your imagination!

Adding a few throw pillows to the top of the bed can also dress it up a bit.

Accents make the room

Tired of your old accents?  Use the things you have stored in the attic or basement.  Cracked pitchers and old vases are perfect for displaying fresh flowers on the dresser or nightstand.

Consider a new lampshade for your bedside lamp, paint the one you have or add tassels or bead-work to create a unique and appealing look.

Candles are a beautiful and affordable way to add a splash of color to the room.  Today, you can find solid colored candles as well as those with abstract and unique designs that really stand out.

Area rugs are another easy way to change the look of your bedroom.  Whether you have wood floors or carpeting you can place coordinating accent rugs on either side of the bed.

For a really noticeable difference, move your furniture away from the walls!  Place your bed in one corner at a diagonal; the look is unique and appealing.

Instead of a plain light fixture, consider a small and romantic looking chandelier.  You can often find accents like these at flea markets and second-hand stores.  These are great places to find new artwork for the walls as well, or even second-hand furniture that you can refinish yourself to create a new look for your bedroom.

Use your imagination and come up with a few creative ideas of your own.  You truly can create an entirely new look for your bedroom without busting your budget!

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Jun 25 2011

Quick and Easy Bedroom Redecorating Ideas

Are you tired of your bedroom decor?  No matter how beautiful it was when you first decorated, we all tend to grow tired of any look after a good deal of time has passed.  If you want to give your bedroom a completely new look in a minimal amount of time, you will find the tips and ideas below helpful.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or purchase all new furniture to spruce up your bedroom!

Change up the walls

The walls are the easiest part of the room to change; updating the look of the walls will give your bedroom a completely new look.

Paint the walls a fresh new color, or consider texturing techniques to add a new dimension to the walls.  Sponging, rag rolling and stenciling are simple to do, and give the room a unique look.  Textured wallpaper is also available that is meant for painting over.

To really liven up the look, paint the walls of your bedroom two different shades; opposite facing walls may be cream or taupe, while the other two can be soft blue, golden pumpkin or any colors that complement the decor.

Rearrange the furniture

Most people have their bed placed flat up against a wall.  Why not do something a bit original?  Place your bed at a diagonal, so that the head of the bed is across one corner of the room.

If room allows, bring in a love seat or two chairs flanking a table with reading lamp.  Creating a relaxing space for reading or watching television can add a whole new dimension to the bedroom.

Change out your accents or accessories

Sometimes all it takes to completely makeover the look of a bedroom is a few well-chosen accents!

Consider new throw rugs for the side of the bed, boldly colored and full of texture.  New thrown pillows for the bed will add an additional splash of color.

Change out the prints on the walls, add new curtains and consider painting your lamp shade or buying a new one.

Add an old cracked pitcher filled with fresh flowers to the dresser; new candles, doilies, and other small accents can dress up the room.

Consider color

Dark colors make a room recede, while lighter colors visually expand the size.  If your bedroom is very small, consider brightening it up with paint, a new comforter or duvet, and light, breezy curtains.

A large bedroom is beautiful and relaxing when filled with cool colors that soothe such as soft blue, mint green, silver and lavender shades.  As long as you avoid bold colors such as bright red, neon green and royal purple, your bedroom will be a relaxing sanctuary that induces sleep.

Be creative and try different things; move the furniture around several times, look at the color scheme you now use and decide what different colors may complement the look.

Have fun redecorating your bedroom!  It’s easy to make it uniquely yours, a place where you will enjoy reading, watching television or simply sleeping after a long hard day.

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Jun 13 2011

Creating a Romantic Brown and Blue Bedroom Theme

The colors brown and blue are perfect for decorating a bedroom in a relaxing, romantic setting.  These colors are neither too masculine or feminine, so they are the perfect choice for a room where you relax, sleep and romance your significant other.

When the right shades of brown and blue are chosen, the look is soothing, soft and comfortable.

Choosing the right shades

The shades of brown and blue you choose are important for creating a romantic bedroom.  Avoid bright, royal blue or brown shades that are extremely dark.  Use medium chocolate brown tones, tan shades, and a soft shade of powdery blue.

Decide on the bed coverings first

Since the bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, choose bedding in a pattern that is suitable for you and your spouse.  Avoid florals or lacy patterns that may seem a bit too feminine; stick to plaids, stripes or abstract patterns.

You may want to consider buying a bed-in-a-bag or duvet cover, as you won’t spend as much money as you would purchasing all of the pieces separately.

Paint comes next

The walls are the next step in your bedroom makeover.  Decide what color you want to use on the walls depending upon how light or dark you want the bedroom to be.  Keep in mind that lighter colors visually expand the size of the room, while darker colors diminish.

A neutral cream color is a good choice for the walls if you want the room to appear light; if you prefer something a bit darker, use a medium chocolate brown color and paint all trim a cream shade for contrast.


In a romantic bedroom setting, nearly any type of furniture will work.  Wrought iron or wood frames work well; you may even want to use the furniture you currently have.

If the bedroom furniture you have doesn’t lend itself to the romantic look, consider painting it a lighter color and sanding some areas to give it a worn, comfortable look and feel.

Keep the look simple and uncluttered

In a romantic brown and blue bedroom, all you need are a few carefully chosen accents and accessories.  Too many accents or wall hangings can make a room look cluttered, so opt for those things that have special meaning or appeal to you.

The smart thing to do when adding accents to the room is to do so gradually; by adding one thing at a time, you will avoid over-doing it and be able to see how the room looks with the addition of each piece.

Add a few throw pillows to the bed, a romantic lamp on the night table, and romantic lighting to make the room warm and intimate.

Window coverings and accent rugs can be anything you like, as long as they continue the color theme and appear neither too feminine nor too masculine.

Have fun decorating your personal get-away!  With a few creative ideas, you can design a romantic bedroom that is beautiful, relaxing and perfect for an evening together.

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Jun 03 2011

Creating a Feminine, Frilly Bedroom For Your Little Princess

Designing a feminine, frilly bedroom for a little girl is something that can be easily accomplished.  Some girls love all of the lace, ruffles and pink you can find!  If your little princess loves all things pink (or any pastel color for that matter), creating the look is simple. This article will give you some great ideas for decorating a bedroom your little girl will love.

Choose a basic color

It is essential that you choose a single color to incorporate in designing the bedroom.  Pastel pink, powder blue, soft peach or pastel yellow are some of the colors you may want to consider.

Ask your little girl for her input before you make a decision; if pastel pink is her favorite of all colors, go with it!

Start with the walls

The walls are important in creating the perfect frilly look.  Choose a pastel colored paint, or white if bedding, furniture and other accessories will contain a great deal of your basic color.  You do not want to over-do it with a single color.

Another great look for the walls is a delicately patterned floral wall paper from ceiling to floor.  A white based wall paper sprinkled with tiny pastel flower is extremely feminine.

Even if there is no window at the head of the bed, hang a sheer white lace curtain, draping it back with bows that reflect whatever color you chose for the room.  A large wood framed mirror hanging on the wall above the dresser reflects light; whitewash the wood, and hot glue delicate flowers at each of the four corners of the mirror.


You don’t need an over-abundance of furniture in a little girl’s room; a bed, night table and dresser is really all that is required.  Consider a round table placed next to the bed, topped with a feminine floral fabric that reaches the floor and short solid topper with lace around the edges.

Paint the dresser to match the room.  A pastel pink dresser adorned with white ceramic heart-shaped drawer pulls is totally feminine.  Outline the drawers with a thin strip of white paint to really make the dresser stand out.

Accessories and bedding

Accessories make the room.  For the bed, consider a solid color comforter with delicately patterned bed-skirt.  Top with round and oblong throw pillows edged in lace.

Teddy bears are always a nice touch; for a little girl’s bedroom, find bears covered in feminine fabrics instead of fur.  A pink fabric with white polka dots is cute; wrap a white piece of lace around the middle and finish with a bow in the front.

Small, delicate bedside lamps are a wonderful way to provide light for bed time reading; tall white ceramic vases filled with silk flowers that match the decor are perfect for the nightstand, as well as the dresser.

Quilted, delicately patterned accent rugs dress up the floor.  Place one at each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

As you can see, decorating a feminine, frilly little girl’s room is easy!  With a few creative ideas, your little princess will love her bedroom more than ever before.

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May 25 2011

Ideas for Creating a Cozy Country Bedroom

A country bedroom contains elements that are both masculine and feminine, making it the perfect type of decor for a bedroom.  If you love the relaxed, inviting comfort that country decorating offers, a bedroom designed in a country theme will be the perfect place to read, relax, and rest your weary body after a long day.  The look is old-fashioned, charming and oh-so romantic.

Muted colors – essential in the country bedroom

The colors you choose for your bedroom determine whether it is a relaxing, tranquil room that invites sleep.  You want to avoid loud, bright colors that are energetic or stimulating.

In country decorating, choose country blue, taupe, butter yellow and cream for a look that is fresh yet soothing.  Green can be used as well, as long as it is a soft shade.  Colors can be mixed and matched, using checks, florals and solids in accents, throws, and rugs.

The right furniture is a must

When thinking of furnishings for your country bedroom, think solid and sturdy.  Pine and oak are beautiful, and lend to the country appeal.  Your furniture will remain neutral if you leave it in a plain wood finish, or you can opt for a distressed look if you prefer a country and shabby chic mix by using white furniture with a worn appearance.

An old iron bed is also perfect in the country themed bedroom; furniture does not necessarily have to match, so choose those pieces you love – you may even have something perfect hiding away in your attic or basement!  If you have a television in your bedroom that looks a bit too modern for the room, hide it away in an armoire where you can still view the screen, but the entire television won’t be out in the open.

Romantic, rustic country fabrics

Cotton fabrics, along with floral and checked prints, are perfect in the country bedroom.  Light cotton window treatments provide privacy, but let plenty of sunshine in during daytime hours.  Consider a floral covering for the nightstand; this adds a romantic flair, and is perfect when topped with a candle and small old-fashioned table lamp.

Light cotton also makes for an ideal bed canopy. The coverings for the bed may be a thick down comforter in a country design or even an old quilt that has been passed down through the family for years.  Top it with plush quilted throw pillows, and the bed is the focal point of the room.

Consider adding faux or real wood beams to the ceiling for an additional splash of country interest.  Walls may be painted white or country cream and you may want to use a simple damask pattern on an entire wall for an updated look.

Creating a country bedroom is easy, and you can use many of the things you already have, especially those that hold sentimental value.  Family heirlooms, flea market finds and everything “old” looks inviting and comfortable.  Have fun decorating your relaxing country haven.

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May 22 2011

Need Additional Sleeping Space? Transform Your Garage Into a Bedroom

Your family may have simply outgrown your home, or you may need an extra bedroom for those times when company stays over, no matter what the reason, you can convert your garage into one or more bedrooms fairly easily. If you still need protection for your car, consider a free-standing carport.

Sketch out your plans first

Sketch out how your want your bedroom(s) to be laid out.  Most garages enter into a home through the kitchen or laundry room, so you may want a small hallway leading from the door to the garage bedroom for added privacy.

It doesn’t have to be a professional floor plan; simply sketch where you would like to place the bedroom closet, bathroom, and windows.  Also consider where electrical outlets will be placed, and allow room for wiring or vents.

Start by closing the new bedroom in

The best place to start your project is to enclose the space where the exterior garage door is currently placed.  You might want to keep the door if you plan on building a detached garage later on, or sell end up selling the home.

Knock out the areas where you want to place windows for the bedroom.  Once the entire area is enclosed and sheltered from the weather, start framing interior walls; this is also the point at which you should install any electrical wiring that is needed.  Place plenty of fiberglass insulation between the wall studs; this will keep the room warm in winter months and cool in summer months.

Including a bathroom?

If you are going to include a bathroom in your renovation, it will be necessary to make room for plumbing and pipes.  Break through a concrete floor with a jackhammer.  You also want to consider placing the bathroom near another room in the house that has water, such as an inside bathroom or the kitchen.  This will place your new bathroom close to an existing water source, so you won’t have to run great lengths of pipe and plumbing materials.

Electrical tasks

Next, you will want to install electrical outlets, light switches, light fixtures, etc.  Carefully consider where you will need plug-ins, so that you won’t have to run extension cords in order to plug in the stereo, computer, television, etc.

The next step will be to attach drywall over the framework you built around the walls, as well as to ceiling rafters.  Once that is complete, finish out with joint compound to make surfaces even, then sand and paint.

You have a couple of options when it comes to heating the bedroom(s); you may want to install an electric heater on the exterior wall, or connect to an existing heat source through new vents.

Install the floors and you’re done

Other than installing the bathroom commode, vanity and shower, if you choose to include a bathroom in your remodeling project, all that remains are the floors.  Install wood floors or carpet, whichever you prefer.  With carpet, install a thick pad to help make walking on the carpet a bit more plush.  If you are considering wood floors over the concrete, have a pest control company come out and treat for termites.

Now that your new bedroom is complete, it’s time to start decorating!  This is the fun part, and you can enjoy choosing new furnishings, linens and accessories.  You can do it yourself, and save a bundle of money.  Enjoy your new bedroom!

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May 21 2011

Bedroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for easy ways to freshen up your bedroom or give it a new look, the tips and ideas in this article will help.  You really don’t have to suffer through an entire bedroom makeover to add a fresh new appeal to the room!  A few simple changes can make a dramatic difference – learn how.

Pile on the pillows

Nothing equals the splash of color and texture that can be achieved with throw pillows.  Don’t be shy when decorating the top of your bed – pile them on!  Stripes, florals, even geometrics can be used in combination, as long as the colors blend or contrast in an appealing, eye-catching manner.

Decorate the walls with unusual items

Have an old quilt that is a family heirloom?  Display it on the wall behind your bed for a striking look.  Use bed linens that complement the quilt, and the look is one of pure originality.

Create a wall arrangement using only mirrors.  Medium sized mirrors work well; choose oval, square, triangle or round mirrors and arrange them in an abstract manner.  Not only will this create a unique look, it will visually expand the size of the room and reflect light.

Be innovative with creative accessories

Do you currently have a solid colored lampshade on the nightstand lamp?  Consider a shade that is totally modern and printed in bold, brightly colored patterns.

For the windows, use tassels for tiebacks – or use sheets that match your bedding, casually draped for an elegant look.

If you have pictures of your family hanging on walls or sitting on the dresser, consider replacing them with black and white photos for old-time charm and appeal.  A striking look can be achieved by framing black and white photos in sleek, boldly colored frames in shades of red, flame yellow or neon green.

Place a translucent colored bowl on the nightstand and fill it with wildflowers, pine cones, marbles, twigs, and any other natural elements you like.

Arrange your furniture in a different manner

Sure, we have all rearranged our bedroom furniture and there are only so many ways to do this.  Have you ever considered placing your bed at an angle?  By putting the headboard diagonally across a corner in the room, you create a stunning focal point – and possibly free up more space as well.

This creates truly beautiful look, as everything in the room isn’t on a “square”, or lined up straight along the walls.

If your nightstand is covered with a book, alarm clock and other “necessities”, try using a floor lamp placed by the wall behind your nightstand for a light that illuminates the area well.  This is perfect if you like to read in bed, and saves space on top of your nightstand for those other essentials.

Brighten up the room with an area rug or two.  Whether you have carpet, tile or a wood floor, accent rugs work to contribute additional color and warm up the space.  Use brightly colored patterns if you like a cheery look; warm colors are relaxing and comfortable.  Anything that suits the decor will work.

There are literally hundreds of small things you can do to give your bedroom a different look!  Look at your bedroom from an outsider’s perspective.  What could look better?  Where do you need a splash of color?

Put these tips to work in your bedroom, come up with a few ideas of your own, and soon you will have a brand new look for the room where you relax, read and rejuvenate your body.

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