Jun 23 2010

Turn Your Bedroom Into an Exotic Island Get Away!

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Many people think of their bedroom as simply the place where they sleep at night.  While you may not spend a lot of your waking time in this room, you want to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable – this helps you sleep better at night!  Besides, you do want every room of your home to be as attractive and appealing to the eye as possible.  This article will provide a few exotic decorating ideas for your bedroom.

Create the Atmosphere in Your Mind
What do you think of when you imagine an exotic island get away?  Most likely, lush tropical foliage, fresh island breezes and a totally relaxing atmosphere play a big role in your mental picture.  The word ‘exotic’ often brings to mind wild animals; zebra and leopard prints are common in this type of décor.  Interestingly enough, this look usually combines a fresh, light and calming aura with the bold excitement of the exotic.  Asian inspirations add to the relaxed, easy charm.

Exterior Surroundings
The exterior of your bedroom, areas such as the walls, floors, ceilings, should be kept light and airy.  To create this stunning look, start with cream or lightly colored walls and flooring.  Wood floors that are of a light shade or cream colored carpeting are the perfect foundation for the exotic island look.  Integrate colors from the beach – pure white sands and caramel browns create the perfect foundation for the rest of the look.  Any shade from the lightest beige to rust, caramel and coffee incorporated with bold black and white accents work amazingly well in this style of décor.

Make the Bed the Focal Point
Boldly carved Colonial style furniture is the perfect choice for this décor.  Decorate with an abundance of plush coverings, toss on several thick throw pillows in dramatically bold designs, and your bed will become the center attraction of the room.  Now, it’s time to add the finishing touches!

Furniture, Plants and Other Accessories
To complete the exotic island look, add a few silk tropical plants, a touch of rattan and a simple yet elegant chandelier.  A simple rattan chair makes the perfect addition to the room and a few Asian inspired woven baskets add interest without detracting from the focal point.  Windows should be adorned with light, airy curtains.  The romantic chandelier should be simple; nothing overly dramatic or too detailed.  Throw a zebra skin rug into the mix, and the look is just original enough ensuring that the bedroom is your favorite room of all.

Incorporating décor from different countries is a growing trend.  In this example, you can easily see how Asian accents blend with the exotic patterns of Africa, while the overall theme of the room is totally relaxed, light and seems to float on a breeze.  You can almost visualize basking at the edge of the ocean, while warm breezes gently float across your body.  Make your style your own!  With a little creativity, your bedroom can be transformed from the everyday ordinary to a world all its own.

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