Mar 08 2011

Take Your Bedroom WAY Back With a Retro Theme

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Are you crazy about the colors and decor schemes from the 1950’s and 60’s?  If you love all things bright with an atmosphere that reflects the tastes from decades ago, you will love having a bedroom decorated in a retro theme.  You can often find many accessories with which to decorate at antique shops and flea markets; most of these items can be found at bargain basement prices!

The 60’s were all about peace and love.  To recreate the look of an era gone by in your bedroom, incorporate beads, leather, fringe, peace signs and over-sized flowers in the look.  This look is cool and thoroughly “hip.”

Furnishings for a “groovy” look

Even in the bedroom, you must have a couple of bean bag chairs if you want the style to have an authentic look and feel.  The bed and other furnishings should be basic and sleek; no bulky furniture or intricate carvings in this look!  Bedspreads made of velour, chenille or other “furry” looking fabrics will fit right in.

Flowers are really “cool”

Back in the 60’s, you could find daisies everywhere you looked!  Stick-on daisies are perfect for decorating a border around the top of the wall, or for sticking on the nightstand.  If you would rather not stick these peel-off stickers on your furniture, paint them on!  Today, painting with stencils is a huge trend, and you can design your own daisies – and paint them any color you like.

Cover the windows and doors!

If you’re too young to remember, but have seen pictures from this era, you may know that beads were all the rage for covering windows and doors.  To give your windows a bit of covering while making them really “cool,” hang strings of beads.  You can also do this in your doorway; just make sure to hang them on the inside of the door frame if you want to use the door.  You can find beaded curtains in every color imaginable online.

Color it vibrant

When striving for the 60’s era look, nearly anything goes!  Colors are bright, even fluorescent.  Consider bright blues and yellows, red, purple and even orange.  Paint a single wall sunny yellow, then incorporate an orange bean bag chair and beads of all colors for the windows and door.

The walls hold special appeal

What would a retro bedroom be without plenty of retro artwork?  Find a few Peter Max prints and hang them on the walls.  Pictures of Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix will really bring back memories for those old enough to remember this time period.  You could also consider hanging a few peace signs on the wall.

Other ideas for creating a “retro” look are square or round corduroy and silk throw pillows for the bed in jewel tones.  For additional seating, a boxy 1950’s style chair covered in aqua, yellow or green leather really makes the room pop – and don’t forget the lava lamp!

There are an endless number of accessories that will help you generate a look reminiscent of a time that was loved so many.  The look is fun, vibrant and filled with love.  Use some of the ideas above when creating a retro bedroom you and everyone else will really “dig.”

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