Jun 17 2010

Making a Small Bedroom Appear Spacious

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This is it, you have finally found your dream home; it seems perfect, everything is in place, at least until you get to the master bedroom. This is something that occurs all too often. The rest of the home is exactly what you have been searching for, even though the master bedroom is a bit small. The living room and kitchen are perfect. What can you do to make the master bedroom look and feel larger? This article offers many tips and ideas that will assist in visually opening space in your room. Most of these tips may be used in any small room.

The appearance of space can be a simply accomplished feat. You don’t need to sacrifice personality and style when making your room look open, all that is necessary are a few small changes. These ideas will help you create a larger looking master bedroom. However, they aren’t exclusive to that area of the house, they can be used anywhere!

Use Mirrors!
You have probably heard of this trick millions of times before, but it works. A mirror should be hung on your bedroom wall, opposite a window. A perfect place to hang a mirror is on your bedroom wall, just opposite a of a window. The window’s reflection, especially with light colored curtains, makes the room appear spacious and sun filled. You can use this trick in a bathroom or living room as well.

Paint – The Solution for Many Problems
You can do many things in your home with the help of paint. The walls of a small room should be painted with light colors. Cream, off-white and soft pastel shades of peach and yellow are great colors to use in a small room. White paint for the ceiling will add a lighter look to the room. Light shades make an area feel more open, darker shades will diminish it.

Floors Should Be Light as Well
Small rooms should have lightly colored floors to visually add space to the room. If you are more inclined towards using carpet, using carpet with light hues such as sand and cream also works. In the case you use wood flooring good choices are light colors and natural woods. If you do not have the means for replacing a dark colored carpet, light colored rugs can always be added to each side, and the foot, of the bed.

Headboards usually look bulky. Solving this problem is as easy as taking the headboard out and replacing it with a tapestry or rug hung on the wall behind the bed. This can really open up the area, adding a more spacious feel to the room. To open up space on your night table hang swing arm lamps on the walls instead of using lamps.

Here is a cool tip: Use light colored curtains that are higher and wider than your windows in order to visually open up space in the room! This will make it appear as if you have larger windows, adding to the openness and airiness of the room. If you have the room, opening up the floor area can be as easy are moving a chest or drawer into a closet.

Keeping comforters, curtains and throw pillows light colored is always a good idea. Always keep in mind that darker colors tend to absorb light causing the area to recede and diminish; this is not something you want. Things should be kept as light and as open as possible in your master bedroom; this will keep things looking large and spacious.

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