Mar 08 2011

Ideas For Decorating A Toddler’s Room

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Today, toddler’s can be just as opinionated as the rest of us.  They know what they want to eat, to wear, and what they want in their bedroom!  A little three-year-old girl may want princess or Dora decor, while a boy may lean toward sports themes or Spongebob.  Whatever you choose, you want your toddler’s room to be one that both you and he/she love.

Don’t overdo it

When choosing a specific theme, you may be tempted to buy everything with patterns or characters from that theme; be it curtains and sheets or a comforter, lamp and rug.  You may want to re-think this decision and choose curtains and a lamp that will match with any decor which may come to be in the room in a few years as your toddler grows.  Also, you don’t really want a room that practically screams “Spongebob” when you walk in, so taking it easy with the actual cartoon characters will make the room much more tolerable over time.

Choose furniture that will transition

You should think long and hard before you furnish your toddler’s bedroom.  Instead of brightly colored dressers or night stands that are designed for a small child, choose wood furnishings that will blend with any type of decor you may put in the room later on.  You may want to include a bookcase which will help encourage your child to read.  The same case can also be used to display some of their favorite toys or photos.  Teddy bears, toy trains and photos of your child in colored frames that complement the decor make wonderful additions to the bookshelves.

Imaginative artwork for the walls

If you stick to classic wood furniture that will be suitable for the changing decor, it’s okay to liven up the walls a bit with original artwork.

Murals are a great way to add color and liven up a toddler’s room.  Paint a mural of your child’s favorite character if you are artistic, or use stencils that suit your child’s gender; some options include stars, flowers, footballs or other shapes.  You might also consider copying images from favorite books or using pictures he/she colored in frames on the walls.

Accessorize the bed with fluffy throw pillows that not only add to the decor, but work double as toys.  Area rugs and bedding that are solid or designed in patterns that pull out the colors in the characters or theme of the room pull everything together, giving you a finished look.

Decorating a toddler’s room involves a bit of give and take; you want them to be happy when it’s complete, but you don’t want the theme to be over-powering.  Let your toddler help in choosing the accessories you will use to decorate the room, and you choose furniture, bedding and items that are more costly.  You will enjoy decorating the room with your child, and he/she will be proud of the room because they had a hand in its design.

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