Apr 23 2011

Bring a Child’s Room to Life With Disney

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Do you have a playroom for your kids, and you are thinking about re-doing everything in the room?  Perhaps you have an empty room and you’re thinking about transforming it into a playroom.  Picking a theme for a playroom can be very hard, especially since there are so many great choices. You can never go wrong with a Disney theme!  Today there are several different categories within the Disney theme alone such as classic Disney and Princess Disney.

You can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse

When decorating a playroom with a Disney theme, determine which character you would like to go with; allow your children to put some of their own thoughts into it as well.  For the classic theme, focus on the ultimate Disney icon.  Of course, every child loves Mickey Mouse!  A great way to incorporate this into the room is to use black carpet and white walls.  We all know Mickey is black, white, and red, so for the red accent paint the trim around the wall a true red.

A unique way to add even more of Mickey to the room is to have a big red table and black chairs with rounded backs to resemble Mickey’s head.  This will be the perfect area in which the kids can color, put puzzles together and work on crafts.  A large red wall shelf with Mickey painted on both sides adds further appeal to the room!

If the red, black and white tones seem to be a bit overwhelming on their own, think about adding a splash of yellow here and there to break up the monotony and add a touch of sunshine.

Have a “princess” daughter?

The royal Disney theme is perfect for those little girls who love castles, princess fairy tales and dragons.  For this idea, incorporate many of the items that would be found in a princess fantasy movie – consider painting the walls or ceiling in a sky or cloud motif and add a carpet the color of green grass.  To further enhance the room, add a wooden table for arts and crafts; place a glittery “crown” in the center to hold crayons.

For the table and chairs, paint or stencil princess pictures on the backs to add color.  Add bedding, a comforter and throw pillows that incorporate a princess theme, and consider hanging sheer material embellished with sequins or glitter at the four corners of the bed for a canopy effect.

You can look through decorating magazines and online to get additional ideas for decorating with a Disney theme, but be sure to use a few original ideas of your own for a personal touch.

Whichever theme you choose a wooden toy chest decorated with painted characters helps keep the room tidy while adding additional color.  If your child has a television in their room, consider painting the stand a coordinating color.  Bright, playful colors are what you are looking for in a room that the children will love – and be sure to include them in the fun!  It’s a great opportunity for you to bond, and to create a room that is bright, cheery and playful.

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