Mar 08 2011

Basements Make the Perfect “Bedroom” for Your Dog!

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If you’re a dog lover who has a sweet companion but have nowhere but the yard to put him at night or when you are away during the day, have you considered renovating your basement?  A basement can make a great kennel for your dog, especially if you have a basement that is rarely used for any other purpose.  You can create an area for your dog to play, and a separate area for him to sleep at night.

Of course, you want to have your pet stay outside whenever possible for the exercise and sunshine, but on those days or nights when inclement weather brings rain or snow or extremely dangerous temperatures, an inside “kennel” of sorts is perfect!

Inspect your basement

Before you jump in and begin renovating your basement for your “best friend,” check the area out thoroughly.  Make sure the basement is dry and free of leaks.  Is there a door exiting from the basement where you can insert a doggie door?  If there are no windows to allow natural light to come in, you will need to place some sort of lighting in the room so that your pet isn’t left in the dark.  Fluorescent light is perfect for this as it replicates natural light better than regular light bulbs.  Determine if there are any safety hazards that need to be repaired before you begin the project.

How big will your pets “palace” be?

How you renovate your basement depends largely on the size of your dog.  If you have a small dog, you may want to enclose one corner of the basement to be used as a play or sleep area for your pet.  If you have a very large dog, you may want to allow him/her to use the entire space and simply section off areas that are to be used for sleep and play.  A large playful dog who loves to jump and frolic will need plenty of room to move around!

Consider these factors before you choose flooring

You will want to put some type of flooring in your basement to cover the concrete.  Concrete can be extremely cold in the winter time, and it wouldn’t be a very comfortable surface for your pet when resting or sleeping.  Carpeting would be warm and plush, but isn’t really suitable for pets because it collects hair, dirt, dust and other materials that can absorb odors.  A vinyl floor works well as you can sweep and disinfect it by mopping.  Simply buy a pet bed for your pet to rest and sleep in, or make a bed out of old quilts or blankets.

Spoil your pet with plenty of toys!

Why go to all of the trouble to renovate your basement for your companion if he won’t be happy?  Make sure you put all of his favorite toys and play things in the basement, such as rawhide bones, chew toys, balls, etc.  Provide plenty of fresh food and water, and your pet will think he’s gone to pet Heaven!

Make the basement “injury proof” for your pet

You love your pet, and you want to make sure he is not only cozy and warm but safe as well.  Cover electrical outlets; remove any electrical cords that he/she may get to or chew.  Look for any sharp objects could potentially be dangerous, and just make certain the basement is safe in general.  Your kids and the entire family will enjoy participating in renovating the basement and coming up with ideas; after all, what member of the family is more beloved than your pet?

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