Jun 15 2010

Making Your Small Bathroom Look and Feel Spacious

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Do you have one of those bathrooms that feel so small you can barely turn around?There are several things you can do to make the room look more spacious, and actually make it feel less cramped at the same time.This article will give you some tips and ideas to help you turn your tiny bathroom into a room that you will actually enjoy!

Color, lighting and a few other tricks can actually transform your bathroom without adding to the square footage.Whether you want a bath that looks cozy and inviting or elegant, it can be accomplished with a few little changes.

Pale Colors Open Up a Room

This isn’t to say that you have to paint your bathroom white, but light, pastel colors visually open up the spaces. You might consider a lighter colored floor if yours is dark.Paint the walls soft shades of peach, cream or any other light color.Save the bold colors for smaller accents such as towel holders or in artwork for the walls.The top of your vanity, as well as the doors underneath, should be light colored.For wooden cabinet doors, this can be easily achieved with a little paint.If you use towels as d├ęcor, choose light shades that complement the rest of the room.

Bring More Light In

Adding light to the area visually brightens and opens up any room.In a bath, you can consider wall sconces for additional lighting, as well as recessed lighting in the ceiling or a small lamp for the vanity.If your budget allows, consider a skylight to allow natural light to brighten up the room.

If It Takes Up Space, Take It Out!

Many people have extra shelving in their bathrooms to hold towels, cotton balls and other vanity items.Anything that protrudes into the room is detracting from a spacious, open look.Take shelving and other storage units out of the room; you can store these items under your vanity, or in a linen closet elsewhere.You will be amazed how airy the room looks when you remove the clutter.

Expand With Mirrors

It has long been known that mirrors reflect light, and make any room look much larger.In the bath, you might want to consider replacing the mirror over your vanity with a larger one that will reflect the color and design of the bathroom.One over-sized mirror will work great, or if you prefer you may use several arranged artistically to add interest and reflect light.If space allows, you may want to use another mirror on a separate wall to further expand the boundaries.

In any room, clutter looks messy and visually diminishes the size.The same holds true in the bathroom!The less clutter, the cleaner and more streamlined the room will look.Toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, lotions and other small items should be stored away and not left to take up space on the vanity.Put these tips to work for you, and your bath will look and feel as though it has doubled in size!

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