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May 17 2010

Simple Rules for DIY Home Decorators

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You want your home to look beautiful and stylish, but you don’t have the money to hire an interior decorator.  In many cases, doing it yourself is best anyway, because your natural style preferences and personality come out.  This article deals with some of the things you should keep in mind when decorating your own home; you might consider this information the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of decorating.

Good Bets for Success


To make the most of your home, consider the architectural design and location.  Your goal should be to maximize the architectural assets of your home while incorporating your own unique style and personality.  This helps you achieve the perfect balance, and lessens the need to redecorate on a frequent basis.

Use a signature piece to decorate every room.  Whether modern, abstract or elegant, this piece can serve as the basis for decorating the room.  Once you have chosen a signature piece of wall art, for example, you can begin to incorporate colors, textures and design for the rest of the furnishings to complete the look.

Combine Various Design Elements


You want your home to be unique and appealing, right?  In order to accomplish a look that is totally yours you want to blend various design elements.  Wood pieces, bold patterns, stripes, plaids and florals can all be used together to add interest and depth to the room.  A wood floor is dazzling on its own; throw a couple of boldly hued geometric patterned rugs down and the floor comes to life!  Same thing for solid colored sofas and other furnishings – add boldly colored throw pillows and throws with varied patterns.

Pay particular attention to the scale of a room.  Furnishings should be of similar size and shape.  The repeated use of shapes, fabrics and colors helps bring the design of the room together, making it look as though it was professionally decorated.

A Few Things to Avoid


When you decide to decorate your own home, there are a few things you should not do.  For one, don’t let a friend or relative tell you how to decorate!  Of course you are willing to listen to their suggestions, but it is your home and the goal is for you and your family to feel comfortable and pleased with the décor and design.

Many people make the mistake of placing furniture against the walls leaving it spread out in order to give the room a more spacious appearance.  This is a mistake!  Furniture should be arranged in an intimate grouping, away from the walls.  Group your chairs, tables and sofa around a large area rug to give the room a more personal and welcoming look and feel.

Don’t Try to Display Everything You Own


You may have many collectibles you have picked up over the years.  Many people have an attic, basement or closet packed with their favorite accents and accessories.  When you decorate a room, don’t try to use them all.  This can give the room a messy and cluttered look.  Instead, save some of them for later!  You can refresh the room later on by switching out the old collectibles and decorating items for the ones you have stored.  Using less also helps add to the importance of each piece you have carefully selected to display.

Remember these tips the next time you feel a need to refresh and update your home.  You can have a professional look and feel – even when you do it yourself!

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May 10 2010

Apartment Living Doesn’t Mean Your Decor Can’t Be Appealing!

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Living in an apartment or small condo does have limitations.  Since you don’t own the property yourself, there are certain things you cannot do.  You can’t change the floors, put nail holes in the walls, or change the kitchen counter top.  Does this mean you must be resigned to live in something that is less than appealing or drab?  Not at all!

Usually, all of the apartments in a specific group look exactly the same.  They all have boring white walls, the same flooring or carpeting, and bare windows or, in a best case scenario, windows with white mini-blinds.  How can you make yours look original and add your individual style?  Here are some tips.

Decorate Your Walls


You may or not be able to paint, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!  Many apartment managers will allow you to paint, since they can easily paint over your color if you move out.  If you can, paint one wall a bold, bright color to add visual impact.  If you cannot paint, hang a very large and intricately patterned tapestry on the wall.  You might also want to consider bold, colorful prints without a frame, or with a simple mat edge.

When decorating walls, be sure to use hangers you can purchase for this purpose.  This way, you don’t have to put holes or nails in the walls, which may not go over well with the management!

Add Some Drama to the Floors


While you can’t rip up the carpet or cut out the linoleum, you can use colorful area rugs.  In the kitchen, consider using brightly colored botanical patterns.  Bright sunflowers, daisies and poppies add a cheerful look and break up the monotony.

In the living area, consider a couple of smaller rugs, or one large area rug strategically placed in front of the sofa.  Consider your color scheme, and choose bold patterns for this room.  Intense stripes and plaids make a great addition, particularly if you have solid colored furniture.

Add Flair to the Windows


You may have to leave the mini-blinds hanging, but you can certainly add a little color!  Hang sheer curtains that coordinate with your other décor, or create drama by draping a boldly colored satin sheet above the window allowing it to cascade down the sides and onto the floor.

The most important things you can do to dramatically change the look of your rooms is to add color, pattern and texture.  Accomplish this with paint, throw rugs, big fluffy throw pillows and other decorating accessories.  Keep several big pillows on hand; they are great for floor seating when several guests are coming to visit!

Keep furniture to a minimum to create a spacious look.  Low profile furnishings without arms help add to the open feeling.  Coffee or end tables should be simple and not too big or bulky.  Add a few creative accents of your own, and you have an apartment that looks and feels like home!  A little imagination can go a long way in creating appealing spaces.

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May 07 2010

Simple Tips for Updating the Look of Your Home Decor

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By any chance, could your home use an update? Whether the look is tired or your home is just older, you can create a home with a remodeled look for very little money. If your home is your castle, then it needs to be welcoming, comfortable, and appealing. If you’re on a budget but still want to give the interior of your home a much-needed facelift, here are some super easy tips to get you started.

Painting: The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Transform a Room
Not everyone enjoys painting, but it can go a long way to creating beauty in a room. Paint can liven things up a bit, especially walls that are the average off-white or some other drab color. Pick a bold or bright color that blends with the overall color scheme and use it on a wall or two, as this will really jazz things up! Try painting those furniture pieces that look old and worn. You’ll be amazed at the transformation of those old coffee tables or end tables when you use a little paint and some stencils.

Take a Good Look at Your Furniture
Is your furniture starting to look old? Perhaps you are tired of things being so congested or just sick of the overall style. Give your room a long, hard look. Is it possible to take out a couple of pieces that are never used? This will open things up, giving the room a more open and airy feeling.

If you cannot afford new furniture, use slipcovers instead. These days, you can find a variety of styles that allow you to create entirely new-looking furniture at a much lower cost than buying new. Repurposing the furniture is another option. Look around and see if you have a piece or two in other rooms that are never used. They can be painted and used as storage for games, toys, and all those other things that you often find strewn all over your home.

Add Color, and You Add Life
The use of color is so instrumental in giving the interior of your home new life. Not only does color attract the eye, but it has the ability to create different moods. Soft colors relax things, while bright colors energize. Adding exciting color splashes can really spice up a monotonous color scheme. Throw in some brightly colored and intricately patterned rugs and pillows, and add some attention-grabbing accents to the walls. You won’t believe how your room is transformed when splashes of color are used to break up the boredom.

Accessories Make the Difference
As every woman knows, accessories are the “jewelry” of the home. However, it’s important to know how to use them. Too many accessories results in a home that looks cluttered and disorganized. But with too few accessories, you’ll give it a cold, blank, and indifferent tone. Thus, it’s important to find a balance.

The addition of more accents often gives larger rooms a more personal, intimate look. One strategy is to place many accents in a grouping on one large wall. For smaller, you want to follow the opposite rule of thumb. In this case, use an intricately patterned tapestry or other oversized decoration piece on one wall.

If you want to totally transform the look of your rooms, put these tips to work. As an added bonus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to create a great space.

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May 05 2010

Bring Your Home To Life With Color

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Do you often feel that something is lacking when you walk into your home? You may find that things just look dull, flat, and well—to put it bluntly—a little boring. People often make the mistake of decorating their home in white, beige, brown, and other bland, monotonous colors. For a room to have personality and interest, you need color! Whether you choose to add little splashes here and there or big bold accents, color can really change the way you look at your home.

Every home can have personality. You want a décor that’s vibrant, one that will attract the eye. You won’t be able to spark much interest with lifeless colors such as beige and white. This doesn’t mean you need to use colors like bright red and passionate purple. However, a few great colors can really liven up the place. Here are some great colors tips to help you transform your home from drab to dramatic.

Transform the Walls
Painting your walls is one of the biggest transformations you can make while staying within your budget. However, before you start, you need to consider the colors you’re going to use in your furnishings and accents. All your colors should either complement or contrast one another. If springtime hues are your thing, consider using bright greens, peaches, yellows, and blues. If you go with spring green, hang a botanical print on that wall for a cheery, springtime feel.

No matter what colors you choose, try painting only one or two walls, leaving the rest white. With this you can really add some dimension to the room. You might also paint the baseboards a contrasting color or a much deeper shade of the same color.

Floors Are for More Than Just Walking!
When looking at the complete picture, people often neglect to include their floors. Whatever flooring you have—whether it’s wood floors, tile or carpet—can be dressed up. Liven up those wood or tile floors by topping them with brightly colored accent rugs in strategic areas. Add rugs with patterns that reflect the rest of your décor. Floral, plaid, abstract, or geometric patterns all work—whatever suits your style of decorating. You can use area rugs even if you only have carpeting. They can be placed in front of the couch or in the center of a furniture grouping where you often entertain.

What About Furnishings?
This is the point where you will really start to have fun. People are often afraid to mix and match patterns. But if you have a floral sofa containing bright hues of green, yellow, and blue, don’t be afraid to add striped and plaid throw pillows containing those same colors. The result is simply stunning and the look will amaze you. You can also get a big bold splash of colors with some throws or tapestries. For solid-colored furnishings, use large throw pillow with loud patterns, brightly colored throws, or even a colorful quilt thrown over the back of the sofa.

When you want to liven up a dull look, the key is color and pattern. So get going and use your imagination, incorporating all the colors you love. So grab some paint, a few area rugs, some throw pillows and tapestries, and other accents, and get started!

Color allows you to add personality and energy to your home without spending a lot of money. The look and atmosphere of a room can be completely transformed for very little cost. If you’re looking for some bang for your buck, go with big splashes of color. Go ahead! With a little daring, you’ll never enter a boring room in your home again.

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