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Feb 04 2010

Instant Makeovers for Any Room in the Home

Oftentimes people believe that in order to change the look of a room, they have to do a drastic redecorating project. However, this is not true at all. Here are some simple and easy steps you can take to create an instant makeover in just about any room in your home.

Paint the Walls of the Room
One of the most popular way to give a room an instant facelift is to paint the walls a completely different color. The color that’s on the walls of a room basically styles the whole room. If you paint a blue room tan, for instance, that color change will alter the light in the room. This, in turn, affects the way all the other objects in the room appear. The great thing about painting is that it’s not hard to do. That fact that it’s a do-it-yourself project makes it quite inexpensive. Make this a weekend project. By Monday morning, you will have a whole new look in that room.

Use Slipcovers on the Furniture
If you love your furniture but are tired of the fabric, slipcover may be just the solution for an instant makeover. When you add a slipcover to a piece of furniture, you can dramatically change the décor. Some of the most dominant objects in any room tends to be the furnishing, and thus when you change the pieces, it will be very noticeable. Even better, it only takes about ten minutes to install slipcovers. Slipcovers come in a range of prices, but for the nicer ones, you may have to spend a little bit more money.

Hang a Piece of Art on the Wall
If you have a large bare wall in the room or one you don’t like very much, you can change the look by hanging a large piece of art there. By adding a large piece of artwork, you can really change the entire focus and style of the room. The piece of art can actually become your new focal point. The art will also cover much of the color on that wall, which can also work to change the look of the room. Just be sure you don’t waste your money on any old piece. Be sure you invest in something you really like and want to have around for a while.

Rearrange the Furniture
When you simply rearrange the furniture in a room, changing the layout, you can give that room an instant makeover. Begin by looking for a new focal point in the room and working from there. You can completely change the dynamic of the room by changing the focal point from the entertainment center to the window or fireplace. You’ll be much happier with the results if you take the time to sketch out on paper what you want before you go moving furniture and heavy objects around.

All of these are simple and easy ways to give any room in your home an instant makeover. If you’re looking for a totally different look, you might even try putting two or three of these suggestions together.

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Feb 03 2010

Simple Tips for Decorating Your Bookcase

It can be difficult to decide how to utilize bookshelf space, whether you have a built-in bookshelf or just have a large freestanding one. Most people prefer their bookshelves to not only be a storage place for their books but also an area that adds style and personality to the décor. Here are some different ideas on easy ways to utilize a bookshelf and make it part of your décor.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Books
Placing books on your bookcases might seem like a simple common-sense thing to do, but this doesn’t mean you randomly place your library up on the shelves. As a matter of fact, you may discover you’re not even using the bookshelf for most of your books. A great way to decorate a bookshelf is to use interesting and antique books, as these will lend the space a lot of personality. These might even be old books you uncover at a used bookstore or even a flea market. You might also consider using modern-day coffee books or art books. Use the books that best fit the kind of style you’re going for.

You also need to consider where you’re going to place the books. If you don’t want the whole bookshelf to just be books, then just pick out certain areas of the shelf where you can arrange and display interesting books. You can hold the books in place with stylish bookends. One way to get really creative is to arrange some books horizontally and others vertically. Or you can take another approach and arrange the books by color or size. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to create an atmosphere.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Picture Frames
Depending on what style you’re going for, you can put actual photographs on the bookshelf or framed works of art. Some people may prefer to put photos of their family up on the shelves, whereas others will opt for framed paintings and professional photographs. Just be sure to use frames that match the style of the room.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Figurines
There are thousands of different ways to use figurines to decorate a bookshelf. You want to choose figurines for this space that fit in with the style of the rest of the room. You can use the figurines to hold up books on the shelf, or you might use them for display only. You want to find figurines that appear to go together, but at the same time you don’t want them to be exactly the same. The term “figurine” is a general one and includes such things as little knickknacks, statues, and craft pieces.

Decorate the Bookshelf with Plants and Flowers
A great bookshelf accent is a simple vase filled with flowers or even a small houseplant. This is a great way to add some different colors to the area. It also works to lighten up the space. You don’t want to ruin anything else on the shelves with leaking water or forgotten leaves, so if you use real flowers and plants, just be sure you’re taking care of them.

Decorate the Bookshelf by Adjusting the Shelves
You can really create a distinct space that has a personal touch by adjusting the shelves of your bookshelf to varying heights. For instance, create a shelf or two that are big enough so you can fit taller books or even a plant. You might have a small space just right for smaller books or figurines on another spot on the bookshelf. Whatever you decide to do, adjusting the shelves is one of the best ways to add some real style to the space.

Remember, a bookshelf doesn’t have to be boring. Use your creativity and you can create a unique bookshelf for any room in your home.

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Feb 02 2010

10 Decorating Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you not sure how to proceed when it comes to decorating your home? If so, then here are 10 decorating do’s and don’ts to help you get started.

1. Do be sure to draw out a floor plan design before you touch any room.
The floor plan of a room should include it’s dimensions and any windows, doors, and other special features. Take the floor plan with you when you go shopping. This way you can be sure anything you want to buy is going to fit. And lastly, remember to measure!

2. Don’t rush when planning your décor. Be sure to take your time and give some thought to what your really want.
You want to make sure that your personality is getting incorporated into the style of the room. It’s important to think things out and not just follow a whim, so you don’t regret things a short time later and end up back at the drawing board.

3. Do identify the focal point of the room. You want to have this figured out before you start placing items.
You can choose a variety of things to be the focal point, from a fireplace to a window to a piece of furniture like a wood tv stand.

4. Don’t arrange the room so any pathways are blocks. You want people to be able to move around the room with ease.
Maintain natural pathways in the room. Things should flow well so that people are comfortable and the room feels natural.

5. Do settle on a specific style and decorating theme for each room.
Remember, just because you have a country bedroom with oak bedroom furniture doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t be modern.

6. Don’t choose the color of the walls with only a paint chip.
Rather, narrow down your choices to one or two colors, purchase some sample sizes, and paint a few areas of the walls. Paint doesn’t not always look the same as a paint chip and is rather influenced by the light of the room. You might also find that although you like a certain color in small areas, it doesn’t really appeal to you when it’s painted on all the walls in the room.

7. Do try to use contrast in the room to add some character and interest.
By placing a contrasting piece of furniture against a wall, you can highlight that piece and make things more interesting. You need to remember that the room doesn’t all have to match. In fact, contrasting colors are a great way to decorate.

8. Don’t leave out the small details.
Once you get through the big items on your agenda, consider all those smaller aspects that can really add to the look of the room. Candles, shelves, baskets, flowers, figurines, and pieces of art can really pull a décor together. So don’t leave these items out of your decorating plan.

9. Do ignore other people’s opinions about your room.
If you like the room and it feels comfortable to you, then that is all that matters. Just because a guest doesn’t like something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go ahead and change it. In the end, this is your home, and as long as it suits your personality and taste, that’s all that matters. So go ahead and get creative.

10. Don’t overcrowd your décor.
Remember, you don’t have to display every object or piece of artwork you’ve ever owned. After all, you don’t want your home to have a cluttered look. If you have more things to display than you have display space, then change your décor items every once in a while. Then you can display the items you love but not all at once.

Be sure to follow these 10 do’s and don’ts, as they will put you well on your way to creating a stylish home that fits you.

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Feb 01 2010

Where to Use Decorative Molding in Your Home

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Decorative molding is a great addition to any room, as it works to highlight certain features and enhance the décor. Not only can it add style and character to the walls, ceilings, and floors, but best of all, it gives any room a finished and attractive look. Following are some tips as to where in your home you can use decorative molding.

Use Decorative Molding around the Ceiling
The most common area to use decorative molding is up around the ceiling. One popular decorative molding is crown molding, which gives a sophisticated and polished look to the walls and ceiling. The molding is hung right where the wall meets the ceiling, giving a decorative touch to an otherwise uninteresting area of the room. You should be able to find this type of molding in a range of sizes, anywhere from 3” to 12” in width.

Use Decorative Molding along the Floor
The flooring space is another common place where decorative molding is used. This is installed similar to ceiling molding, except it’s placed where the floor meets the wall. By concealing the area where the wall meets the floor, it gives the room a finished look. This type of molding is called baseboard, and it’s not only decorative. It also works to protect the wall from things like scratches and scrapes incurred from furniture and other objects.

Use Decorative Molding along a Wall
Another way to use decorative molding is to create what is known as a chair rail. This is a section of molding that is added all around the length of the room at a height that’s usually slightly lower than the middle of the wall. People will often then place wainscoting or paint the lower half of the wall. A chair rail is a great way to add some style and interest to a wall without going overboard.

Use Decorative Molding around a Window
Installing decorative molding around a window works to highlight that area and really plays up the beauty of the light coming through. What’s great about this is that the decorative molding will also seal any gaps between the window and wall. This is a terrific, energy-efficient way to keep air from escaping or entering the house. Remember that you will need to find a sill that matches the rest of the molding to fit the bottom part of the window.

Use Decorative Molding around a Door
Decorative molding also works great around doors. If you already have decorative molding around a window, then try to match with that the molding you choose for the door. Just like with the windows, the molding will cover any gaps between the door and wall, hiding any blemishes and adding style and appeal to the room as well.

These are only a few suggestions as to how decorative molding can be used in your home. If you use molding in more than one place in a room, you do need to be sure that the molding all matches. You can really pull together a room by using molding with the same color, width, or design, creating a cohesive look for your home.

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